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  1. I waited for a 2015 mini cooper s and finally received it after 5 months. Since then the car has been an absolute nightmare. It has been in the shop 3 times, came with no rear seatbelts, horrible customer service, terrible management, etc. I would beg anyone that is considering this car to run as far as possible away from it. TERRIBLE EXPERIENCE.

  2. I agree with Jim I also waiting for my 2015 hardtop told me it was sent back to the port. I ordered this car in August I am very dissatisfied with customer service one hand doesn’t know what the other is doing

  3. my 2015 mini hardtop has sat in a distribution center for six weeks I . have no firm delivery information , my dealer does not seem to know anything more than I do. Mini USA is silent ,this is not customer service .This situation is gross incompetence coupled with customer dis service.

  4. I have NEVER been so disappointed with a car manufacturer as I am with Mini Cooper! I must give background of myself and then you will understand my level of frustration. I was raised in Auto Racing, and was always around automobiles. I was taught from an early age that…IF YOU DON’T TAKE OF YOUR CAR, IT WILL NOT TAKE CARE OF YOU! I also was employed by the Nissan Company as a “Consumer Affairs Supervisor”, which I was very successful! I can not believe how I have been treated by MINI COOPER OF NORTH AMERICA! I have loved the Mini since 1964, My first experience with Mini’s,was in Surbiton Surrey, England. I wanted one then, and even though the company was “dabbling” in racing, was told by my Father, “Absolutely not”. And when BMW began making them, I again stated to my Father I was going to buy a Mini…he stated…”That’s even worse, it’s German” ! I didn’t believe him. So all I could afford was a pre-owned, and I searched for the perfect Mini! Which I found, a 2007 Coupe Convertible S. This would have been a letter of praise, but, two years to the day of purchase, with 58,000 miles on the odometer, the transmission went out! At first I didn’t panic, thinking it would be in the $3500 to $4200 to repair! $9300 to repair a car that was now worth $10,000! And impossible to find even a rebuilt transmission!!!! And the way I was treated by the local dealership…they treated me as if I was a “piece of gum stuck to their shoe”! Telling me that since I purchased from another dealer, that it was probably a trade in that didn’t meet their standards, and was purchased from the auction!!!! Which isn’t true, as I had already phoned the owner, before I purchased, and the reason was only because she wanted a SUV! When I purchased the auto it was pristine, with only 34,157 miles on the odometer. I did not have any warning that the transmission was failing. When I took possession of the mini, I dutifully read the manual from cover to cover, and was surprised to find only about four paragraphs on the transmission…( I was trying to check the fluid level) and only then found that it was a hidden transmission…why? I then found that there was a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT that awarded mini owners under the 8 yr./150,000, case No. 11-cv-07667, which if I would have been contacted I would have joined!

    When I spoke to the dealership regarding my mini, and the cost to repair the transmission, and the lack of customer service, (it is impossible to speak with anyone that is in charge, or even find out the name and address of anyone who could assist me, ) I was telling them that I now had to drive a 26 yr. old Infinity Q45, and it was still running with no MAJOR repairs…I was told that the Infinity wasn’t a EUROPEAN car!!!!!! All I have to say, is….I will never, never purchase anything European again. I use to praise the Mini, and had even thought about trying to pursue employment at the local dealership,, all I can do is make sure that no other average income people will not fall into the Mini Cooper Vortex. (I wish that I would have listened to my Father!)

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