Customer Service Contact Information For Roku 1-888-600-7658


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  • Lynda

    I suggest you call your credit card company and dispute the $100 charge. Ask the credit card company to call 1-800-875-6196 and explain that you are not interested in their tech support and that you want your monies back.

    I had the same problem and got my monies back with the help of my credit help of my credit card company.

    I hope this helps you get your monies back!

    Good luck.

  • I bought 2 months of doing and received a roku express. It wants a new account. I already have one and already paid $50.00 for two months which came out of my bank. I tried calling why it would not let me finish and forgien person told me that I have to pay $100.00. I do not believe this. And can not get through a a real person. This why I left Directv. PLEASe CALL me tonight. You may talk to my husband also. I am very frustrated and ready to let everyone.

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