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Xfinity internet and tv means more speed – more control with your entertainment. Comcast Cable‘s Xfinity service is one of the largest internet and cable tv providers in the U.S.A.

Xfinity also offers mobile phone service, home phone service, Dvr service, Wifi hot spot services along with their high-speed internet service for both home and business.

Xfinity customer service tends to get bad reviews. However, compared to most cable companies, Xfinity is rated very highly.

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Xfinity Customer Service
Xfinity Customer Service


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  • Agree with alot of these posts TERRIBLE service they tell you things then lie about it force you to take options or pay more also telling you they did a survey an this is what came up how about asking the customers what they want not channels you put in a line up basic use to be great channels now you you have to pay for channels you never watch SUCKS when your forced to pay for what you don’t watch READING SOUNDS GOOD NOW

  • I am writing this for a friend, please respond ASAP.

    “It appears you have cancelled my service which I have not given you permission to do. Please call me at or call my friend at and leave a message.”

  • ne-pine island rd cape coral fl


  • Just got off phone with so called “customer service” Could not understand rep due to poor english skill. Nothing resolved. It was a 30 minute call. Shame on Comcast for such poor service. Also for not honoring my deal with them..

  • ‘Horrible company. Customer service only cares about them. Worse experience ever. The only reason I tolerate them is because Direct tv is unable to put a satellite dish outside my house do to the trees. I will disconnect next month. Can’t wait.

  • ‘I hate Comcast with a passion, I pray another company will come along and wash them out, the only reason I m still with them is because there are no other cable offers in my area, Comcast has the worse customer service in the world, if another cable company comes along I will drop Comcast like hot cakes.

  • I hate Comcast with a passion, I pray another company will come along and wash them out, the only reason I m still with them is because there are no other cable offers in my area, Comcast has the worse customer service in the world, if another cable company comes along I will drop Comcast like hot cakes.

  • “Mike from phone number 1-800-2662-278 at approx 10:00 pm

    On 8/20/15 was extremely nice and helpful and I thank Xfinity for their entertainment.”

  • Comcast put past due bill on my account after I turn in my equipment cable boxes phone service internet service cable service still billed me for 2 months of service while I had DirecTV send my bill of 750 to collection messing up my credit

  • There is no customer support. After being told my issue would be addressed within 24 hour and it wasn’t I called back and was told the problem would be addressed within 72 hours. It wasn’t. I called back and spent a half hour waiting to talk to an agent who asked what the problem was. In the middle of explaining the problem she hung up on me. Now I’ve gotten in touch with an agent in Colorado who tells me the previous ticket was cancelled because the problem has been resolved. It wasn’t. She issued a new ticket number then I was transferred to another phone specialist agent who hung up on me, again, after telling me the problem was on my end and she’d send me an email detailing some steps I could take to resolve it, No email was sent. I’m tired of calling and being lied to then told the issue has been resolved,..

  • not so bad….I only switched to century link because they could do a better package with a better price than comcast. I really had no problem with them except the price they quoted me at the beginning….i NEVER saw that price….it was always a little bit more. Not really that much but never the less NOT what they quoted me. A little more honesty would be great!! I may regret this decision but trying to pick the lesser or two evils….there are no winners here.


    I decided to try them again after my previous terrible experience. I thought maybe they improved like they claim they did. THEY DIDN’T. I was billed for my equipment up front on 5/28 for the Self Install kit. It arrived and I couldn’t install it because the building hasn’t had this service since 2010. Waited another 2 weeks for a tech, who claimed he showed up, but didn’t. I cancelled the account then and there and asked for my money back. I returned the equipment the same day at a brick and mortar store. I felt like I NEEDED a receipt. I even received a confirmation saying my account was disconnected. Today, I get two notices, one “reminding” me of my tech coming on 6/22 (tomorrow) AND one for July 1st. I tried to chat with customer service to avoid being on the phone for hours more. It would take my info, then just send me back to the page asking for the info. I finally called them. They have no idea why, but it wouldn’t allow them to cancel the 6/22 appt, so I get sent to a “disconnect specialist” who told me the appt IS cancelled. Nobody has any idea how the 6/22 date got scheduled, but one tech says it won’t allow her to cancel it, while the specialist is saying it is cancelled. I have no confidence in them whatsoever. The July 1st date is, according to them, the date the service is being disconnected. HOW, WHEN I NEVER HAD SERVICE IN THE FIRST PLACE??? I was also informed that any credits will be sent to me by mail in 3-4 weeks. I’m willing to bet I’ll have to call back to get that straightened out, too. By the way…it doesn’t matter about the cirstuffstance or what information you have. What they have for your account is gospel, even though it’s wrong on several levels. So I’ve been spent hours on the phone with them, never got any service, then spent hours trying to confirm that my account is disconnected and trying to get my money back. All of this for a service I never even had. It’s now June 21st…almost a month after I tried to order service and I still don’t really have a resolution.

  • 5 stars for Stacey on 6/26/17. She was both helpful and patient with me. I called in to try to resolve the issue of caller ID being decreased in size on my living room TV. I can no longer read who is calling because of the smaller wording and so the service is useless to me now. Shame since I really depended on it to let me know who was calling and avoided the telemarketers. Stacey also helped me change my password so I could use my e-mail again. Thank you very much.

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