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1-800-365-0292 Press 6 at each prompt, ignoring recording.


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6/6/2015 Best Buy Card - Fecicious about fees..
Fecicious about fees..

Patrick Read More
9/19/2014 I had a Best Buy card for years. Rarely used it
I had a Best Buy card for years. Rarely used it and decided to cancel it due to the annual fee, whether I used the card or not. My credit limit was $600, and was always paid on time and usually paid off. I went in today and tried to purchase a TV for $179 and was denied credit. I had the same income I did when I cancelled my card, so that's pretty much evidence that I'm not only a good customer, but a good risk. This is the problem with no personal service any longer. I should have reasonably been given the $200 credit amount I was applying for since I've already had an excellent record with you folks. Now it's just cost me a hit on my credit report. Today Best Buy lost a customer who had in the past purchased $1000's worth of electronics, even before I ever had a credit card with them.

Katharine Read More
12/6/2010 Best Buy Card - Where to purchase the BEST Buss pass please give
Where to purchase the BEST Buss pass please give the address or location to buy the BEST Bus pass monthly or quarterly

Wilma Moraes Read More
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