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3/28/2016 Chevy Roadside Assistance - I have gotten no answers or help yet.
I have gotten no answers or help yet.

Vince Read More
11/17/2015 Chevy Roadside Assistance - I was stranded with my four month old in our Chevy
Yesterday I was stranded with my four-month-old son at a local business. I called Roadside Assistance at approximately 4 pm. After being on the phone with their operators for close to an hour, I still had no confirmation that a tow truck was on its way or that the transaction had even been successful. I was put on hold numerous times and was told that their "computers kept going down". My suburban did not get towed from that location until after 7:30 pm.

When the tow truck company arrived, I found out that Roadside Assistance had passed on the wrong phone numbers and location to the driver. The tow truck driver had been driving up and down the highway looking for me the entire time! The operators had given him my home number and the number to the business where I had called from. I NEVER supplied them with those numbers to begin with. Why on Earth would I need them to call my home phone when I'm stranded somewhere?!?! I supplied my cell phone number, location, and vehicle information to the operators several times that night and actually lost track as to how many times I called to check for an estimated time of arrival. Each time I called, I was told that a driver was on his way shortly.

The only reason we used Roadside Assistance is because the charge was covered under our warranty. Had I known the operators were this incompetent, I would have gladly contacted the towing company myself and paid for all the charges. I was very lucky that my car made it to the business parking lot and that I was not stranded on the side of that dangerous highway. The towing company showed me the information they received from Roadside Assistance and proved that they were not at fault. Had it not been for the incompetence of your operators, I'm sure my car would have been towed several hours earlier. It is my hope that this company reviews their procedures and provides better training for their operators so that this doesn't happen to anyone else.

Jennifer Read More
3/14/2015 Chevy Roadside Assistance - Last week a warning symbol came up on my 2011
Last week a warning symbol came up on my 2011 Tahoe and power decreased as I was driving 70 MPH on I-57 at 6:30 p.m. in -1 degree temps. ONSTAR responded and sent me on to Chevy roadside assistance. So far, so good. However 2 1/2 hours later I was still there! I was told tow truck was on the way at 8:00 and I even talked to that driver. Finally, about 9 I had call from Chevy RA that tow truck broke down and she was sending a State Patrol Officer. He came and could call tow truck if I had money to pay. I did but decided to try going back to Chevy dealer on my own. Tahoe went about 50 MPH and I got to dealer. Vehicle was repaired the next day.
I am going in to see my dealer this week and let them know what happened. I stay with Chevy because my service at local dealer is beyond anything I have ever experienced. I have driven only Chevy vehicles for 27 years and don't intend to change now. But I will never use their roadside assistance again. I'm sorry I can't give a -1 rating.

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9/29/2014 Chevy roadside assistance never came!! On sep 14
Chevy roadside assistance never came!! On sep 14 at 01:30 am in a principal freeway of Houston (610) my Chevy traverse had a flat tire I exit in the exit 29 exactly under the navigation channel bridge parking my traverse , the place was empty and dark my first contact with them I wait 30 minutes after this time they told me that I was in a unsafe place I explained two or three times that I was in a safe place under the bridge but they told me that wait another little time passed 20 minutes they told me again that I was in unsafe place!! That they go to send a wreck for tow my traverse , I was with my family , wife, and three children 13, 9, and one baby of 2 years old they was very stressed I begun to change my flet tire but my stock jack broken when pic up my traverse I told them that send me a jack for I finished the job they answer me that the wreck is in way, after one hour and half decided take off my tire fast I did but just when I assembly the first nutt with my hand the jack finish the broken and my traverse go to fall thanks to God the replace tire was put on time , just this time roadside assistant told me that one wreck come on the way that wait little be more my child told them "thanks my dad finished to replace the tire " I think roadside assistance personal thinking that I was on the bridge but all time I told them my real position under the brige ....night for never be forgotten if they have a little be portion of professionals attitude send me a fax number for I send them the bill of my new tire for all time that my family and I passed under the dark bridge, thanks !!

Francisco Read More
2/16/2014 Chevy Roadside Assistance customer review 2014
I called Chevy road side assistance on February 2. The customer service rep told me that my warranty had expired December 31. He told me in order to renew it I had to pay $69. Which I did. On February 114 my car was stuck in the snow an I needed help getting it out. I called Chevy road side assistance. And 8 was told that I had to pay them another $69. I didn't understand why because I was under the assumption that I had renewed my warranty. Come to find out. I have to pay $69 every time i need their service. I will never use their service again. The next time I will call triple A. At least its 69 for the year with them.

shy Read More
1/7/2014 Chevy Roadside Assistance - Just used the tow service outstanding!
Just used the tow service outstanding!

Todd Read More
6/10/2013 Chevy Roadside Assistance - I HAVE BEEN SO HAPPY WITH THIS SERVICE, I HAVE

LISA Read More
2/7/2013 Chevy Roadside Assistance - Extremely happy for an upsetting situation being
Extremely happy for an upsetting situation being turned around quickly. Locked my keys in my car. I no longer had the service but was taken care of. Had my doors unlocked within 40 mins.
Thank you for your prompt and efficient service.

Lora Read More
1/25/2013 Chevy Roadside Assistance - I got ripped off for $75.00 I canceled the tow
I got ripped off for $75.00 I canceled the tow called the company back for a refund and the ladg hung up on me trying to find out how to get my money back.

Janie White Read More
1/4/2013 Chevy Roadside Assistance - Called OnStar at 9:58 for Roadside assistance.
Called OnStar at 9:58 for Roadside assistance.
Received confirmation text at 10:05 ETA 11:04.
Received call from provider at 11:11 said 20 min away, arrived at 12:20.
Car did not start.
I called Chevy Roadside at 12:31 for towing services.
I called Chevy Roadside at 12:54 as I had not received a confirmation. I was advised provider ETA 90 min.
Received call from provider at 2:48 was dispatched to the wrong address. I confirmed with a Chevy Roadside supervisor, this erroneous address was provided by Roadside Assistance. A 1/2 hour away said the driver.
I am typing this at 3:34pm with virtually no chance of having my car looked at let alone fixed, and the driver just arrived.

steven kaplan Read More
12/31/2012 Chevy Roadside Assistance - Worst service ever. Don't buy GM for their
Worst service ever. Don't buy GM for their roadside warrant!

rj Read More
12/20/2012 Chevy Roadside Assistance - HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!On the 9th of
HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!On the 9th of december I locked my keys in my car so I needed roadside assistance. I called the number and the guy told me it was gonna be $61 for the service because my chevy was an older model. So I said ok as long as I get my keys out. I waited and waited for the agent to come and he never came. So I called back and they told me it was gonna take a little while to locate an agent in my area. I said ok as long as he comes. I must have waited an hour more and nobody came so at this point I was upset. I called roadside one more time and I spoke with a supervisor named kyle. Kyle told me they were still trying to locate an agent around my area and that because of the inconvinience they were gonna refund me the 61 $ that they had charged on my debit card. I said ok. He then told me it was gonna take about 45 min. I was really upset at this point because I had been waiting so long. It took a stranger from the street to finally help me out. He helped me get my keys out (it took a little while) but he got them out. At this point I left home and I finally got a call from thw agent he hadshowed up. I told him I had already waited too long and got somebody to help me out. He said okand that was that. I never got my refund for a service I was never given. Its been almost 2 weeks since the incident anstill have not recieved my refund. I called today and spoke with the same kyle that helped me out the 1st time and he couldnt help me out. He kept giving me the runaround and he finally said it was gonna take 5-7 buisness days from today the 20th of dec. To finally get my refund back. Im gonna wait 7 buisness days and if I dont see my refund on my acct im gonna file another complaint and take legal action. This is ridiculous. ALMOST 2 WEEKS and I have still not seen my refund. I am definitely not using this service anymore. I will get AAA and I suggest others to do the same.

Ariel Machado Read More
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