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As California's senior Senator, Dianne Feinstein has built a reputation as an independent voice, working with both Democrats and Republicans to find common-sense solutions to the problems facing California and the Nation.

Senator Dianne Feinstein
State: California
Party: Democrat

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1-202-224-3841Review Needed Please Comment


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8/21/2014 Contact Senator Dianne Feinstein - I want to appeal to your mother instinct; "LET THE
I want to appeal to your mother instinct; "LET THE CHILDREN IN!!!"

Lawrance Read More
8/24/2013 Contact Senator Dianne Feinstein - Finestine you are out of your socialist mind
Finestine, are you out of your Socialists mind, letting illegals sit on juries, they are not our peers, our peers are other Americans, not illegals. It makes me sick to see what you morons are doing to America, with your world goverment trash that you are forcing on Americans. Border security hog wash, you know nothing about security, the only security you worry about is your own, not America's. You sit on your throne and dicatate to American citizens how we should live, all the while you omit yourselves from those same rules. Your no American Finestine, your alligence lies in Mexico, so why don't you go live there, its where all good Socialists liar's belong. You step on our constituion, and the America people everyday, and think nothing of it. You may fool the idiots that vote for something unAmerican like you, but not those who have a brain to think with. Take that witch Pelosi and the moron Brown with you, they don't belong in America either, they are no Americans, and either are you.

WolfRead More
7/25/2013 Contact Senator Dianne Feinstein - Dear Senator Feinstein. That you have unleashed
Dear Senator Feinstein. That you have unleashed your NSA National Security Monster on the American people is one of the most grievous betrayals in the history of our Republic. We trusted you... voted for you ...and you just sat there. and let it pass when Four Star Emperor / General Clapper & Keith Alexander (with his Cyber command of the US Army, Navy, Airforce) lied to the Senate Intelligence Committee & the American people about their sweeping domestic spying coup d'etat. You have undercut (read: destroyed) our liberal democracy while robbing us blind. Please leave the country and never come back.... and take the entire Obaminable Administration with you. (Congratulations! You made Bush-Cheney look like amateurs)

LawrenceRead More
3/15/2013 Contact Senator Dianne Feinstein - Diane frankenstein!!! I have never heard such
Diane frankenstein!!! I have never heard such stupidity, absolute nonsense about gun control. You have to be the MOST ignorant person on this earth!! Back the hell off us you mindless piece of crap.

nickRead More
1/29/2013 Contact Senator Dianne Feinstein - Senator Feinstein:Just want to let you know
Senator Feinstein:

Just want to let you know that my husband and I oppose amnesty for illegal alien. I went through legal process coming here in the U.S.A I can't find a job here in California because they preferred bilingual. There should be no other language here in the U.S. When you go to Japan, nobody will translate it for you if you don't speak their own language. You need to learn the language where you at. Taxpayers money should go to American citizens. One thing more, my mother was killed by illegal immigrant. They don't deserve amnesty.
Thank you for listening to your people...

AliciaRead More
7/25/2012 Contact Senator Dianne Feinstein - Shame on you. Why would you ever tell the people
Shame on you. Why would you ever tell the people that the leak came from the white house. You don't know that for sure. The republicans are blasting what you said. What did you think would happen. I will not vote for you again. Jerk

judithRead More
1/19/2012 Contact Senator Dianne Feinstein - Dear Ms. Feinstein,Please be advised that I am
Dear Ms. Feinstein,
Please be advised that I am adamantly opposed to SOPA and PIPA. It is time for our elected officials to understand that it is your job to follow both the will of the people and our Constitution. Our officials cannot keep imposing their will on the masses at the expense of our people, at the expense of our businesses, and at the expense of our Constitution. In closing, after reading about SOPA and PIPA, all I can say is, “I am mad a hell and I’m not going to take it anymore.”
Kathy Catlin

Kathy CatlinRead More
7/27/2011 Contact Senator Dianne Feinstein - Senator Feinstein: Entitlements is a negative
Senator Feinstein: Entitlements is a negative label for what should be maybe rights or benefits. I have worked since I was 12 and I am 65 and I feel it is my right to have social security and know that it is strong and supported by our government. I feel this is what is between the lines of "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness". What kind of country are we that we prioritize corporate and private wealth, profits and continuing warfare over the health and welfare of our citizens, our elderly and sick and the protection of our environment???
So, I expect you to support the middle class and seniors in saying NO NO NO to any kind of cuts on "entitlements"....never on the table for any compromise! There are other ways to fix the budget.The Senate and the House have a job to do - stop the ideological posturing and do it!

Sherry StevensRead More
6/18/2011 Contact Senator Dianne Feinstein - Dear Senator Feinstein,I am a 61 year women who
Dear Senator Feinstein,
I am a 61 year women who because unemployed back in 2007 and became homeless in 2011.
I went to a couple of Homeless shelters and was surprised at how the homeless situation
is being managed. I was sent from one shelter to another at the time had no income and
distance was a problem. How was I going to get from Pasadena, Glendale, and Los Angeles.
That is the downtown area. I slept on the floor on a rubber matt but was glad to have
a roof over my head and inside. The only problem were the so called water bugs, they still look like roaches to me. To a cote with at least 100 or more women in a shelter
in the not so nice area of Los Angeles on 3804 S. Broadway Place. We were informed on
Friday, June 17, 2011 we no longer could go there. The surrounding businesses had file
a lawsuit against the shelter and only certain women and men were going to allowed there.
The women to allowed are 65 years and older, working permit women, and 54 women that fit in a bus to bring the over from skid row ares. If there are 100 or more women where are they going to sleep or shower. Everywhere the homeless are talking about shelter closing and what are we going to do. I am still looking for a job and I can't give up. It is very sad to see our american people going through this and what is even sadder no one
wants the homeless. We once had jobs, homes to live in, clean or new clothes to wear, what happen? If you could find it in your heart and try something different to help the homeless because it is heartbreaking. Thank you for your time.


MariaRead More
6/14/2011 Contact Senator Dianne Feinstein - I have a message for Senator Dianne Feinstein. I
I have a message for Senator Dianne Feinstein. I am aware that you will be up for re-election in 2012. And so far as I know you have indicated an interest in being re-elected to the US Senate to represent California.

I am a resident and taxpayer in California. I am also a senior at 72 years of age. I and my friends, who are also seniors, will be watching how you vote on different programs that will affect seniors. I have pre-existing medical conditions that prevent me from applying for long-term healthcare insurance.

I do not want the entitlement programs cut. That includes Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, as well as the entitlement program known as “Other Mandatory Programs” which most likely cover my federal, postal, railroad and other retiree’s pensions. That leaves very little left in the budget where sizeable spending cuts can be found. And I say you and the other senators are going to need to raise taxes and/or fees for use of government services. I recommend that congress consider raising the tax rates above the current top rates to as high as 50%, because our nation needs to begin showing surpluses in the US budgets beginning as early as FY 2012 as a start to begin paying down the national debts. And if the tax rates are still not high enough then perhaps the tax rates should be raised even higher because back in the 1970s the top tax rates were much higher. And corporate taxes will also need to be increased as well.
I ask you to also propose legislation that provides tax deductions and rebates to help seniors afford long-term healthcare insurance. Surely our nation being among the richest nations on earth should be able to protect and assist their seniors as they grow older.

Will you use your position in the US Senate for raising corporate and income taxes as quickly as possible? And will you vote against any cuts to the entitlement programs? I would like to have your answers to these questions. For your information, I am circulating my message to friends to let them know I have contacted you.

JOHNRead More
3/9/2011 Contact Senator Dianne Feinstein - Diane,The state is in desperate need of help with

The state is in desperate need of help with employment and help for the disadvantaged. I have never seen this
kind of disregard for the rule of law in England and Ireland that I find here. I expect more of the USA.
As Senator you have a responsibility to restore order in this State and expand job opportunities here.
If you cannot then you are not doing your job as Senator and you will not be re-elected.


Brian Sanders

3/4/2011 Contact Senator Dianne Feinstein - Dear Diane, Please do not let the Republican
Dear Diane, Please do not let the Republican budget cutters cuts fund for PBS radio and television.
Thank you.

joady guthrieRead More
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