Menards Customer Service


How To Contact Menards Customer Service

Commercial and Contractors Phone Number: 1-800-880-6318



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  1. web site sucks, needs a lot of work. cannot get to the site from a DOD computer to price items for purchase.

  2. Was at Southport Indian’s store when a Manager (Mike) was verbally abusing one of his employees over the walkie talkie. His voice could be heard over every radio all over the store. When I aproached another Manager about this his comment was “That’s Mike”.

    Also, I just tried accesing their website to buy an air compressor. It kept kicking me out….I am buying one from somewhere else now…Tuff luck

  3. i was in Menards today and found it difficult to find a person you could talk to to get help. I suggest you have phones located around the stores that you can use to call for help and the person answering can tell you where you can find a item you are looking for. I find this very helpful when shopping at a Target stores that have these phones. I suggested it to the clerk that checked me out and she thought it was a good idea and said she would pass this suggestion on, which I hope she did.

  4. Would like to know why the company makes it so difficult to contact customers service and why the don’t recognize the needs of the mobility challenged. Our local store has roughly 20 handicapped parking spaces but only have 2 mobility scooters. My grocery store has 6 handicapped spots but keep 6 mobility scooters available for use. Obviously Menards has no concern for those of us that have mobility issues. When I braced the front manager she explqained that the store had raised the issue many times but that corporate didn’t care.

  5. Your store manager and employees are no help at all and can be very rude. This is in your Peru, Illinois store. They try to make a customer feel like they don’t know what they are talking about. I think most of your customers know more than your employees. I have seen a lot of negative responses on the computer. Apparently Corp. office doesn’t care what customers think. If I treated customers the way you do I wouldn’t have had a job long. I have been in customer for 30 years with the same company.

  6. I would like to thank you to the employees at the Celina, Ohio Menard store, You were great when I had to return a ventless heater there. You did all you could to make me happy! I know I was in a bad mood when I came in. The manager was great he help me as fast as he could, Gave me paperwork to fill out for the product, and told me where to send it……..You guy’s were great. Thank you again……

  7. We like products offered at Menards, but the serve is terrible. Mostly in the yard. Employees do not help load, they don’t know the product. Most are busy inside having a good time instead of helping customers. 9/30/15 entered yard at 7:30 finally out at 9:30. Had to get mad to get help. Shameful

  8. The phone number given for Menards is completely WRONG! It is for something called the “BIG CARD”. Needs a ID number to proceed. This is NOT customer service.

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