Lowes Phone Number Customer Service


How To Contact Lowe’s Customer Care Phone Number

P.O. Box 1111
North Wilkesboro, NC 28656 USA

Lowes Customer Service: 1-800-445-6937


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  1. I need the phone number and email for the district manager for Lowe’s in Bristol Virginia. Can you provide this to me?

    clint smith

  2. The complaint is to long to list it all. I can say; however that Lowe’s in Montgomery, Al on Eastern Blvd has the poorest customer service I have ever encountered! We spent quite a bit of money there, with the purchase of a stainless steel ref and a stove, the ref was delivered on time, but the stove is another thing. delivered 2 Whirlpool stainless stoves both had faulty doors, had to return and they told us to come to the store and order another brand. we did. We have been given the run around and lies from both department employees and store managers. Everyone you talked to gave a different reason why the stove never came in, but kept telling us it was on the delivery truck or it was on the dock or it was sent back to the warehouse because no one told them to deliver it. We will cancel our Lowe’s credit card and never do business with them again. I never knew so many people could have so many different lies about a product and never seem to get their act together, needless to say it has been 3 weeks and still no stove. Just maybe this will get to the district manager or Corporate office and they will check into that store. Lowe’s is definitely loosing money. we will take our business to Home Depot! One other thing no one there in the store bothers to give you a courtesy call back when they tell you they will. You wait and wait and no one ever returns your call.

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