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Senator John McCain has a remarkable record of leadership and experience that embodies his unwavering lifetime commitment to service. First elected to the U.S. House of Representatives from Arizona in 1982, John has led the fight for reforming Washington, eliminating wasteful government spending, and strengthening our nation's armed forces.

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4/12/2017 Contact Senator John McCain - I need some answers, I once had respect for John
I need some answers, I once had respect for John McCain but not anymore. The American people have lost all confidence in him. I don't think he has gotten the message yet or just don't care. What has happened to him? We have someone who is trying harder for America than anyone has in a long time. John McCain needs to stand up with Trump and work for the American people. I'm.writing this as if he will never read it. It will probably be thrown away by someone & McCain will never see it but I got it off my chest anyway.
By the way I'm Christian, Mother, Grandmother, Great Grandmother. My Dad was a POW in W11 in Germany.He got to come home but died at an early age from what he went through. He almost starved to death, but so did the other's that were with him. He weighed 100 lbs when he was released. On their way home they were given candy bars to try to get some weight on them.He was a Sargent. He was in the Battle of the Battle of the Bulge & the Hertkin Forrest (may not be spelled quiet right)but you get the idea.
We need to feel that everyone is helping Trump after all we the American people put him in office. We voted two years in Nov. & put all republicans in & they did not do anything. Now in Nov. 2016 we put Trump in as President. Remember that voting is the only way American's can make a difference. So please work for America, help Trump and make a difference.

Frances Shepard Read More
1/21/2016 Contact Senator John McCain - I work low-income jobs even though I have a BA
I work low-income jobs even though I have a BA from Emerson College which is a good school. I'm not sure how to get ahead. I work as a caregiver and also a nanny. I spent the past year not working and job-hunting the whole time. I only got one job in a whole year. i sued one company for discriminating against me based on age. I asked for a very small sum of money so that's what I got. I should have asked for more money.
I started several Masters' programs. They were all too hard for me except the U of Phx program in Management. I could've done that one but I quit because I didn't think I even wanted to be a manager. I should have stuck with it since it would have been easy enough for me to do. U of Phx is an easy school. The rest of them are hard.
I used to make jewelry. I'm planning on going back to it and selling it at swap meets.
My request of you is two things: 1) caregivers make $10-$15 an hour. It is demanding work and very low-paying. You should work to get caregivers better money.
2) How should I get ahead? I doubt I can come up with the $500 to pay U of Phx back in order to enroll there again. I need to have plan for getting ahead. Can you help me?

marlena Read More
9/5/2014 Contact Senator John McCain - Dear senator , we the people has been delegate to
Dear senator , we the people has been delegate to the second plan for the politicians , today when we open the tv or any news paper the all administration is focus on foreigners , I lived in Arizona state , ,Coolidge city , this year I don't have any health plan to cover the expenses for my lent , so I can read or write because the AARP is asking me to pay a lot of copay that I can't afford ,so i can't read or write , last year I had U.H.C. that provide me my needs according with my income , I'm married and we are living under poverty conditions ,the area I live doesn't have any insurance that can provide my health needs , I ask you my senator who can help us at least to spend the last years of our life decently without fear of not to have what we need basically , I never ever a chance to see in our area one politician looking for what is going on , a lot of things is wrong and I do believe that it's just a matter of care , I know that it 's a lot of work to be done , but my letter to you is to help you to do a better job , the health insurance issues now is a mess Dear senator please take a look and check ,. att Carlos

Carlos Read More
6/12/2014 Contact Senator John McCain - Dear Senator McCain,As most Americans I am
Dear Senator McCain,
As most Americans I am disturbed that Mr Hagel and Mr Obama, have taken things into their own hand regarding Mr Bergdahl.
It seems that the constitution is not part of their vocabulary.
They are a two man show.I fear having such men running this country and I think we need to do a house cleaning .Obama has to go and so does Hagel and anyone else that believes their a supper power and its no longer "We the people but "We Obama and Hagel. " Im sure you share my concerns.I call for an impeachment of President Obama.Nixon was impeached for much less!

Sincerely, Lynn Perry

Lynn Read More
5/26/2014 Contact Senator John McCain - I would like to put in my two cents on the VA
I would like to put in my two cents on the VA medical. As a disabled veteran who depends
on the VA for all my medical needs there are some concerns. All of my care has been very good
the only complaint that I have is the time I have to wait. September 26rh I had a triple bypass.
The care I got was second to none, but I needed it right away, and had to wait for two months.
I do understand that that the VA is really tasked, and are in some locations overloaded, but from what
is coming out is that 59% of the VA budget goes to administration. If this is true I would think
this could maybe one way to be able to hire more medical staff, and make it easier to get rid of
administration that don't do there job or do things to make things look better than are. The loss of veterans
life do to these type of practices is criminal, and administration doing these practices should be
charged as criminals.

Charles Read More
4/12/2014 Contact Senator John McCain - Save our childrens from all ways of killing , our
Save our childrens from all ways of killing , our childrens killed by all weapons including chemicals :
We are looking for Obama care against chemical weapons at Syria : A global call
Asad terrorest crossing Obama red line again and again
Doctors of Kafr-Zeita are demanding the UN committees to visit the town to investigate about the toxic gases casualties .. Injuries will be sent directly to the Syrian/ Turkish borders for treatment and proving the incident In addition they demand the National Syrian Coalition to submit a complain to the Security Council and the UN against the using of Chemical Weapons and all the prohibited weapons against the Syrian people in Kafr-Zeita and all Syria
Injurys are now at turky
?.????? ??? ????? ????????

Mike Read More
3/22/2014 Contact Senator John McCain - do not scrap the A10 but sent them to our Eastern European allies
To Senator Mccain
I am retired Veteran. My question do not scrap the A10 but sent them to our Eastern European allies. They were designed to destroy Russian tanks. They are perfecr for the Easstern European terrain. Russian tanks do not want to see A10s flying low and destroying them. Iraq troops were terrified of the A10s. They are flying tanks that do the jobs. They were made in Conn by Hamilton Standard. They were designed by pilots and engineers at Bradley military airport. They were our Cold Warair warriors against the Russians. Let them put fear back into the hearts the Russians ground forces.
Joe Sloan, retired blue beret

Joe Read More
1/11/2014 Contact Senator John McCain - Senator I need help to correct a death certificate
My husband passed on Dec. 23, 2013. Since then I have been battling with Companion Hospice, here in Mesa, AZ trying to get a signed death certificate, and now trying to get a corrected death certificate from the Hospice Dr. My husband has a VA claim in as of Oct. 1, 2013 for Agent Orange. It is still being processed and I need a corrected copy of the death certificate to say "pancreatic cancer" not "prostate cancer." My husband is a Viet Nam vet, 2 purple hearts and on 10% disability since his time in Viet Nam. I left my phone number on your answering machine. Hope to hear from you early next week as I am starting to get very frustrated. Carol

Carol Read More
1/10/2014 Contact Senator John McCain - Mr McCain,I need the help of your office.
Mr McCain,

I need the help of your office. I was in fact in your office yesterday. I have until the 17 of this month or every thing I have worked for is destroyed. In short I need a quick call from your office to my VA voc rehab counselor. She wants to kick me out of Voc rehab because I cant drive 50 mile on my dime to volunteer at some business that is contracted by DES. I am happy to do a work component but 50 miles in a 20 year old car really.

Please help quickly
PS yes I just put my real number on the internet. I NEED HELP!

David Burish Read More
12/17/2013 Contact Senator John McCain - Keep you promise to the no on the
Keep you promise to the no on the upcoming budget bill tomorrow as per Megan Kelly interview

Donna Read More
12/2/2013 Contact Senator John McCain - Senator McCain,I know you are a Vietnam Veteran,
Senator McCain,
I know you are a Vietnam Veteran, I'm too. I made 2 cruises over there
65 and 66, I'm a diabetic, I'm fighting the VA over my claim and getting
no where with them, could please help us Vietnam Veterans out.
File Number is 29-106-775

Raymond L. Williams Read More
11/9/2013 Contact Senator John McCain - I would like to know why our government purchased
I would like to know why our government purchased 30,000 guillotines
They are being stored in Georgia and Montana. This was approved
By congress. I would like to know who lobbied for it, and if you
Voted to approve their purchase.

Are the beheadings by Muslims meant to desensitize us for beheadings
In the future? Is this in preparation for what we are in for when
Obama declares the USA a Muslim nation. He has already said that
We are a Muslim nation, so is he planning to make it legal.

I would like to know how far along this is in the works so I
Can prepare to move to Canada.

Helen Read More
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