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Mark Udall was elected to the U.S. Senate by the people of Colorado on Nov. 4, 2008, after representing the state's second Congressional District for five terms (from 1999-2008). Prior to that, Mark served in the Colorado State Legislature as a Member of the General Assembly for one term (1997-99), representing the 13th District, which encompassed the community of Longmont and parts of southern Boulder County.

Senator Mark Udall
State: Colorado
Party: Democrat

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1-202-224-5941Review Needed Please Comment


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4/8/2011 Contact Senator Mark Udall - I have been disapointed by the sloppy work of the
I have been disapointed by the sloppy work of the senators staff in answering email. The senators ginning puss on all of his "news letters" at a time when he and the rest of the senate dems are being screwed by the repubs is nauseating. Stop going along , stop trying to get agreement stop being a Pussy and respond to the tea party nut jobs like a man.

DaveRead More
12/14/2010 Contact Senator Mark Udall - I am a voter in Colorado and am very dissapointed
I am a voter in Colorado and am very dissapointed in Marks no vote on the $250 for seniors. You got the tax breaks for the rich though didn't you? I will be doing everything I can to make sure you are NOT reelected. Sharon O'Hare

SherronRead More
8/5/2010 Contact Senator Mark Udall - Dear Senator,Regarding the failure to appoint
Dear Senator,

Regarding the failure to appoint Judges and Attorneys

The problem is not with the Republicans. They are determined
to block all legislation and all appointments to bring the
government to a standstill.

The problem is with the Democrats, who are refusing to abolish
the filibuster, which they can do with a simple majority vote.
Tragically, like the Republicans, they have been bought by the
Corporations, whom they serve like slaves.

They can pass the Fair Elections Act, but will not do so for
the same reason.
We no longer have a functioning government. We have a
Corporate Cabal which functions only for their own profit.

How think you?


Ian Campbell Cree, MB(Hons.), MS, FRCS(Eng. & C.), FACS, LRCP.

IanRead More
7/27/2010 Contact Senator Mark Udall - Please do not vote for the unconstitutional speech
Please do not vote for the unconstitutional speech restricting Disclose Act. It is in violation of the fourteenth amendment and is unfair, undemocratic and an obvious effort to skew the election process.

LyleRead More
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