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7/12/2017 Hewlett-Packard - I spent a long time shopping for my printer.
I spent a long time shopping for my printer. Bought an HP because I have an HP laptop . Figured same manufacturer everything would go together well. WRONG Damn thing will not print a letter, and makes only fair copies. I am disabled,dont drive and on a limited income. When I called in I got a person who spoke broken English with a foreign accent I could not understand well at all. I will replace this printer unless I can find a guru to help me out in language I understand! Next time maybe a simple name like IBM!!

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6/30/2017 Hewlett-Packard - ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE1 I purchased a new printer in
ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE1 I purchased a new printer in early June and after 2 weeks it said the printhead had a problem. I called and after going thru almost an hour on the phone they agreed there was a problem and they would send me a replacement which they did. Since the printer was at my beach home and they said I had
15 days to return the one I had. I came a day early so I could get it in the mail the next day. I took out the replacement, packed up the broken one and proceeded to hook up the replacement. GUESS WHAT? The identical problem showed on the screen when I hooked up the "replacement". I KNOW I will never use Hewlett Packard again. I called of course, and after speaking to 2 different people they said they would have to check with their supervisor who wasn't in and would cal me ]back when she got in. WHAT wonderful customer service!
Meanwhile I am without any printer so can't work from here without going out and buying yet another printer. I trusted Hewlitt Packard and the people I spoke to the first time and did what they said was best. Never again. Be careful before you buy one or have to deal with "customer "service"


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5/25/2017 Hewlett-Packard - I HAVE A HP ENVY 4512 PRINTER AND HAVE USED IT FOR

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4/26/2017 Hewlett-Packard - Icannot get my E710a HPOfficejet 6500A Plus to
Icannot get my E710a HPOfficejet 6500A Plus to print. I have replaced the cartridges and the printer basket
several times and I still get blank prints. I recently purchased a new Office Jet 4650 as I need to print vital
documents. I want to return the new printer basket for my E710a for credit. Please send me pickup labels
as my efforts haven't worked! Thanks you!

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3/14/2017 Hewlett-Packard - I have had an ongoing issue with my HP Officejet
I have had an ongoing issue with my HP Officejet 5740 printer since I bought it. When I print photographs, there are horizontal lines that are about an inch apart on the finished photo. I have resorted to the ONLY option given and that was a tech support group - Orange Tech Services. When I initially searched for a solution to this problem, this company answered my phone call. What I endured as a result of that conversation is absolutely unbelievable! The technician wanted me to sign a contract and would NOT allow me to read it. Who signs a contract without reading it? I DON'T!!! Nevertheless, they presented to me a document online that had a place for my signature. The person with whom I was speaking was "Eric Fisher." I refused to sign the document, so he forged my name to it!!! I could actually see the results of his signing "D Leonard" to that contract on my monitor! The cost of the services they wanted me to pay for was $500.00!!! As a result of this fraudulent activity, I notified the Attorney General in my state and explained how I had been bamboozled!!! My credit card company viewed this activity by Orange Tech as FRAUD!!! I am so thankful! One WORD OF WARNING to anyone who seeks assistance from an "unknown" provider: DO NOT ENGAGE IN ANY ACTIVITY WITH THEM UNTIL YOU SEE WHAT THEIR SITE SAYS ABOUT THEM!!! I unfortunately found this out way too late - Orange Tech Services is still in business, which I find preposterous! I am still being harassed by them! Now when they call, they say that they would like to repay me the $500 they charged me. I never paid them any amount of money because my credit card company contacted me the moment that they saw this "strange" charge on my card. I regret that I ever purchased this "HP copy, fax, printer" because it does not function properly and Hewlitt-Packard has NO WAY TO SPEAK WITH THEM!!! As far as I know, they have only third parties who handle problems - foreign ones who hardly know how to speak English!!! My advice to you who read my comments is NOT TO EVER PURCHASE A HEWLITT-PACKARD PRODUCT!!!

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3/10/2017 Hewlett-Packard - Because I had excellent service from my old HP
Because I had excellent service from my old HP printer, I replaced it with an HP 3831 All-in-One. Shortly after I got it, the cartridge was low. As I did with my previous HP printer, I refilled the cartridge with a kit I bought online. Keep in mind I did this for 4-5 years with my previous printer. The new printer would print a few pages very well, and then the print quality would gradually get worse. It seemed that after about 20-30 pages, the cartridge would run low on ink. Thinking I had somehow damaged the cartridge, I bought another, expensive, HP cartridge. This one produced good copies, but didn't last very long. I refilled this one and ran into the same problems I had with the first. I don't know if HP has engineered their newer printers to take only certain inks, or I just got a lemon, but I can't afford to buy $20+ cartridges that don't last very long.

So I'm going to get rid of this one and buy a Lexmark or other brand of printer. I'll never buy another HP product because of this piece of junk.

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3/7/2017 Hewlett-Packard - I have had my Photosmart 3100 for 3-4 years.I have
I have had my Photosmart 3100 for 3-4 years.I have not used it for some time because I leave it in Florida for the summer.I have just forgotten some simple procedures so I called HP support & requested the simple answer to how I choose my printer to scan & send by email.Out of warranty so I was told $20 was the fee.Quite outrageous!I declined & informed the young lady I would not be buying another HP printer & hoped the company would think twice about their attitude,so different from Canon.I hope to hear from HP but I am not hopeful.


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1/4/2017 Hewlett-Packard - I am having a problem with your HP Technical
I am having a problem with your HP Technical support. My computer is a HP Pavilion, model #500-205T. I have had numerous problems with this PC. At the get go the hard drive was losing information, when I called tech-support I got a run around from your people in India (I think). When I spoke with someone in the U.S. the supervisor listened to my problems and said that she would send me a shipping label and have a box delivered to me to send the PC to a U.S. service facility. She stated that the PC would be shipped back in 7 days after repairing the unit. When I got the unit back I was told that the hard drive was defective and a new one was installed and all of the software I ordered with the PC would be reinstalled along with a back up system in case of a problem. I would also get system repair discs in event of a problem with the backup system.

Well about December 20th 2016, I had a problem with a Intel Upgrade. The Update would not install and I should reinstall it. When I tried that it wouldn't work and when I checked Microsoft Update it showed that the update was in fact installed and reinstalling it caused damage to the system and also caused a problem with my printer. When I tried rebooting Windows 7 it would not restart at all. I called HP support and they said I should reinstall Windows 7 from my backup system, which I did, but Windows 7 would not update the Microsoft Updates. I spent about 3 hours on the phone with HP Support. Two technicians later they said to use my repair discs. I said what about the additional software I had purchased when I bought the PC because the repair discs only cover the OS and not the other software that I paid for initially. I guess I am ought the money I paid for the software.
My Pc serial # is 2MD501OFYN.

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12/20/2016 Hewlett-Packard - I hate my new printer--so sorry I purchased from
I hate my new printer--so sorry I purchased from HP instead of the Kodaks I used to have. This one won't feed photo paper, takes forever to copy anything, and fax was impossible to set up. Basically a big waste of money. And what a ripoff thinking I was getting 2 cartridges in the box and finding out HP is charging me for the number of pages!!! Such false advertising--you should be ashamed.

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12/5/2016 Hewlett-Packard - I don't know if another way to let you know that I
I don't know if another way to let you know that I ordered ink for my printer and evidently one of them isn't working and I don't know which one. I paid good money for these inks and feel that I should get a replacement for them. I ordered 61 in blk and tricolor. I need my printer.

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11/21/2016 Hewlett-Packard - did you call about my computer phone out.
did you call about my computer phone out.

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10/17/2016 Hewlett-Packard - This issue has to do with your promo's. ($50.00
This issue has to do with your promo's. ($50.00 Gift Card). On the surface this looks like a scam. I just pulled the data and since about 6 months ago I have spent almost $53.00 dollars on HP Toner Cartridges. During your promo I sent in 2 submissions which was the max allowed. I cut the SKU's off the cartons and submitted them. They were on the list of eligible SKU's and I sent in copies of the invoices from my vendors. Both came back with did not include qualifying UPC labels. I submitted one before I got the 2nd notice. I have now been approved for the 2nd submission. I not sending in another one. Either this is a scam or someone who is handling the opening of your mail is losing the labels. Your instructions did not say to staple them to the application so maybe that's a problem in house.

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