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TracFone is America’s #1 National No-Contract Wireless service provider. Tracfone boasts, No contract, No Bills, No Daily or Monthly fees.

Tracfone Corporate
9700 N.W. 112th Avenue
Miami, FL 33178

8 AM to midnight (EST) 7 days a week

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Tech Support: 1-800-867-7183
Corporate Phone: 1-305-640-2000
Fax Number: 1-305-640-2070

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10/18/2016 Tracfone - Customer service are very polite. Just one thing
Customer service are very polite. Just one thing to keep in mind, they lie! I was sent SIM card that worked for a week or so. Phone indicated sim was unregistered. WHAT! Told that system was cause and card was outdated. Asked why they sent outdated SIM card. Said issue has been resolved and will send new sim. None of this makes sense to me. But wait, just remembered, I'm dealing with tracphone customer service. Requested that I be sent several SIM cards so I would have reserves on hand for the next round of issues. Am now waiting for third card. This has been ongoing for over a month. I have also experienced some of the other complaints expressed by others. Not enough room here to list all. Remember this, their main objective seems to be to placate and get out of your call. Question everything when dealing with tracphone and keep them on track with your issue because their good at segwaying onto anything other than resolving your issue. Good luck!

KathyRead More
10/12/2016 Told our old Tracfone was no longer working in our
Told our old Tracfone was no longer working in our area and a new one would be sent to us FREE of charge. I specifically asked, does that FREE mean FREE---no fees for activation, no hidden costs---I was told 100% free. I got the new phones and called in to activate mine. The first thing I was asked for was a credit card, when I asked why, I was told "to activate your phone there is an activation fee". When I explained that this is not what I was told I was asked to hold on---3 minutes later the lady came back and said OK, we can activate your phone, what is your birthdate and email address. I said you don't need my birthdate and I will not be using the phone for email or texting---she said you have that capability with the new phone---I responded nice but I will not be using it so you do not need my email address. She kept saying I have activated your phone press x then x---when I did it said activation needed. She told me to go to the code mode screen, I asked her to help me navigate to that and she kept repeating to go to the code mode screen---I insisted on speaking to a supervisor and got the same run around--after 50 minutes, I told them I will be returning the FREE phones and reporting the horrible service received. Also, It would be nice if I did not have to keep saying "could you repeat yourself, I don't understand you"---found out I was calling the Philippines. This was the worst service I have ever seen or experienced and I have been in customer service for over 52 years, own my own business and I would be OUT of business if I ever treated my customers that way. 100% done with Tracfone! The reps couldn't even answer my question of "how to I shut the speaker off"---Pitiful!

MarilynRead More
10/8/2016 Tracfone - Called to confirm my payments and the whole
Called to confirm my payments and the whole transaction lasted for about 15 minutes while the customer service rep looked up my record and resolved my problems.

Have been using TracFone for over ten years now and really like it. It has better coverage over the U.S when I am travelling. My local phone company has worse coverage outside of my state, but tracfone has really great coverage.

JerryRead More
9/8/2016 Tracfone - Long, long, long story short I will be ending my
Long, long, long story short I will be ending my service with this awful company when I exhaust my minutes. I have, no joke, spent over 4 hours in the last month on calls to them about a 1month old phone that had to be sent back defective and no replacement yet. After 45 minutes talking to "David" tonight the call got dropped. Great start all over and 2nd call took over 1 hour. I could send letters faster than this, in today's day and age, this is Hogwash!!!

Angry AngieRead More
8/3/2016 Tracfone - All of a sudden my text units disappeared
All of a sudden my text units disappeared. They said I needed a new sim card because I got a new phone & just transferred my old tracfone sim to the new phone. After talking with several reps my missing text are still missing & now I have gone from 4g to 3g! How is that possible? I am beyond pissed. I'm sure there is a language barrier & that's unfortunate. There should be at least a few people whose 1st language is English there. I have constantly had to repeat & explain myself because of this.

8/1/2016 Tracfone - Two hours on hold and still no Customer Service.
Two hours on hold and still no Customer Service. The word Service should be dropped because they offer little or none. After waiting two hours I'm still wondering if I will have my problem resolved. If they think I will ever recommend them they can guess again. Lousy service for you have to pay.They got what they money.

ChuckRead More
7/29/2016 Have had tracfone for several years and there
Have had tracfone for several years and there customer service is beyond bad. I dread calling them at any time for any reason. Ask for a supervisor and you still don't get anyplace. I do not understand why they are still doing business.

annieRead More
7/17/2016 Please do not order tracfone services from Wal
Please do not order tracfone services from Wal Mart. They are not equipped to complete the transaction and the customer is stuck with charges. Their so called customer service is no help and evidently are not authorized to solve customer problems or affect any refunds due to customers that are due to Wal Mart employee or system errors.

AlbertRead More
7/6/2016 Tracfone - VA gave me this phone in Jan.2015. I was to use it
VA gave me this phone in Jan.2015. I was to use it weekly in order to keep the service. This I did until Mar this year when it completely stopped calling out or receiving calls. Message says phone is to be used to make 911 calls only. This can be done with any phone. Wonder if the VA is aware of this. I will just call my Senator and see what he say's. This is a scam on US Veterans just to attract business. I can see a large group of Vet's sitting and discussing this situation.Wonder what they would say. There is a place for people like ypu and it's not up, but down where it is Hoy!!!!!

LarryRead More
6/14/2016 Tracfone - will not let me change number . I'm getting ha
will not let me change number . I'm getting ha
rassing texts/ calls, they say can't change number

PattyRead More
6/12/2016 Tracfone - just received an replacement phone LG and fails
just received an replacement phone LG and fails to work and have called 3 separate times and no one is able to fix the problem totally. The managers are not available and one spends 30 minutes waiting for an answer to the problem. I liked the old phone better with less headache and the manual was simple and easy to comprehend.(Samsung) Lg is not so simple.
The technicians are courteous.

MarleneRead More
5/18/2016 Tracfone - Customer Service is a MINUS 10. EVERY above
Customer Service is a MINUS 10. EVERY above complaint IS valid. This krappy TracFone is almost 2 years old (and of course, out of any imaginable warranty); It is a pay-as-you-go (or really WASTE $20.00 every 3 months because I could not get TracFone to STOP the auto-billing. What is even worse: they send a message that your credit card will be billed the next day for the 3 month activation (0 days left), but never added the "purchased" time for another 5 WEEKS, and only accomplished that because I wasted almost an hour with a snotty customer service girl. However, after rattling off dozens of numbers (talked too fast, English must have been her 3RD language, not 2nd), she only eventually credited my "air time" with 2 months service (I paid for 3 months). This is the 2nd time now I am having the same outrageous day-mare. Two days ago I tried the Live-Chat approach and got an official air-head on line who changed the subject from what I called about, which simply was: my "automatic" payment billing was not crediting the phone with 90 days airtime. Please fix it yourself, or find me a supervisor who will accomplish this uncomplicated task. He then disconnected me (because he can). I wish I had billed this via American Express. They have the best customer service and ALWAYS effectively resolve unfair issues for their customers. In 12 years, we have never had this krappy service with T-Mobile or Samsung. They actually sent me a new phone promptly, after a battery replacement did not correct the problem. TRACFONE is worse than ever now!!

FrancineRead More
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