The 1-800-FLOWERS brand is one of the most recognized brands in the floral and gift industry. We believe our brand is characterized by convenience, high-quality products, a broad selection of merchandise and superior customer service. Our customers purchase our products online at our website (www.1800flowers.com) via our portal partners (AOL keywords: flowers, garden, gift); by calling us toll-free at 1-800-flowers, or by visiting our Company owned or franchised retail stores. We were one of the first companies to market products online beginning in 1992 through CompuServe and on America Online in 1994. In 1995, we opened our own Web site and since then have expanded our online presence through strategic marketing relationships with key interactive services companies, including AOL and its major brands, MSN, Yahoo, and others. Our online partnerships also include approximately 30,000 members of our online affiliate program. 800-716-4851


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  • I am contacting about my experience with a recent order. Saturday on 8/2/14 –I placed an order roughly around 12:30 pm-to be delivered the same day.

    Sunday-I spoke to the recipient of the order and was informed that the flowers were not delivered. So I called and spoke to a representative. I was put on hold and she told me that the florist was closed but she left a message for the florist to make my order a priority-and the flowers would be delivered first thing Monday morning.

    12pm Monday-8/4/14- the flowers were still not delivered. I called again-and spoke to Audrey. She informed me the reason my flowers were not delivered Saturday was due to the florist was closed Saturday and Sunday. I asked why my order that was supposed to be delivered on Saturday was sent to a florist who was closed? I then asked why my order did not get priority delivery…..So then I asked when my order would be delivered-I asked for a time frame. She just kept answering me with the scripted answers-never really answering me. I said I wanted a time frame or I was going to cancel my order. So then I asked to speak to a supervisor. I was put on hold for a long time-and Mike came on the phone. He said he was a supervisor. He put me on hold to speak to the florist. He returns and informs me that my flowers were not delivered because my order was for a Saturday delivery and since they were not delivered the florist was not sure if he should complete the order, The florist was waiting for confirmation from your establishment-I thought Sunday the florist was left a message to complete my order first thing Monday morning-that would be a confirmation to me. Mike apologized and said he would contact the florist and see if the flowers could be delivered in a timely manner. I was put on hold again-Mike came back and told me that the florist will deliver the flowers in the next two hours. At this point, I am frustrated but still a customer

    9pm Monday night the flowers are still not delivered! Again I call and speak to March. I explain the situation and ask what is going on with this order. I am put on hold and when she returns she informs me that my order was canceled on 8/4/14 at 12:24 pm.

    That would be the time I was speaking to Mike –supposedly a supervisor!! If I was speaking to a supervisor who was communicating with the florist and the above mentioned arrangement was made-how did the order get canceled? The unprofessional and the lack of concern and customer care were unbelievable. I don’t think –as a consumer- I have ever been treated so poorly.

  • ‘1-800-Flowers is kind of hit or miss in terms of their service. I’ve ordered flowers for friends and they were beautiful, however, twice now I’ve had flowers sent to my mother and they were either dead or close to it. Both of these times, I called Customer Service, got a live body on the line and they were very helpful. In the first instance, my money was credited to my debit card and in the second instance, just this past Mother’s Day, another bouquet was delivered (and it was quite lovely) and they gave me a bonus $20 on my Fresh Rewards account. They listened as I explained the problem and were apologetic and quick to offer some type of remedy. However, I believe I might think twice before I order flowers from them again.

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