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EPIX is a 24-hour-a-day cable TV channel. We’ve got a great scheduled line-up of feature films, world-class concerts, comedy specials, and other events. We’re also hard at work on several television series, mini-series, and movies of our own. Online Contact Only


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  1. i have tired to et epixs on my roku box for the past three weeks now and nothing , i have called and they act dum as crap . so i am going to be calling the BBC on these fouls , you wouold like that they listen to there customers !i guess amybe lighting a fire up under the company for better reps would be the answer or maybe not we shall see

  2. This sight sucks , I have charter and apparently can watch epix for free luckily I didn’t have to put in a card number but I can’t get a single access code that they keep asking for so I can’t watch anything and as everyone else has stated no delete options and no contact numbers , I called a number u found and that people listed and it is epix but isn’t the same epix , a complete different company , stick to larger companies that have numbers and are real like netflix screw it I’ll pay the 7 bucks or whatever a month . Epix should be sued and ran into the ground like allot of people say , I agree. They suck.

  3. Can’t get code for PlayStation 4 and site keeps giving me the run around help or I canceling my subscription

  4. don’t be a fool don’t get epix it never work and you can never get anyone to help you fix it …. I wish I had never even heard of epix ……….

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