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How to Call and Contact Assurance Wireless Customer Service


Assurance Wireless Customer Service Phone Number for Support and Help.

Assurance Wireless is a Lifeline Assistance program brought to you by Virgin Mobile and supported by the federal Universal Service Fund. Other free government supported mobile phone services include Safelink Wireless, Truconnect, Life Wireless and QLink Wireless.

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What is the mailing address for Assurance Wireless?

Assurance WirelessP.O. Box 5040Charleston, IL 61920-9907

What is Assurance Wireless’s email address?

Their email is [email protected]

What is Assurance Wireless’s Address?

Assurance WirelessP.O Box 5040Charleston, IL 61920-9907

Who owns Assurance Wireless?

Virgin Mobile owns Assurance Wireless

What is Assurance Wireless’s Customer Service Telephone Number?

Their number is 1-888-898-4888
Assurance Wireless Customer Service
Assurance Wireless Telephone Number
  • Why do you bother with this service when you don’t respond to anything. This service should be SHUT DOWN TODAY. Read the reviews and you will see what I mean. This is a useless service. I needed a replacement phone last month and still no response.

  • my phone is a mess. It seems to have a mind of is own and runs its own business on its own??? I need to have my phone back. Do I need a new sim, new phone or just give up? Soon as I get a new phone it happens everytime. uhgg!!!

  • This is diabolical. I don’t have a phone or service from Assurance and never did. Every 3 months I receive a re-certify letter. Why! I called for the last year to Charleston, Il, and talked to nasty, slick people who mumble, mumble. This harassment must stop! I don’t need a phone. They have my new P.O. box, my date of birth, and the last four digits of my social security number. This is private info. Did someone set up an account?? The

    Rep. on the street asked to see my I.D. card, and quickly pulled out a tiny camera and took a picture of my I.D. card. I didn’t think anything of it at that time last summer. I did not sign anything at any time. Why are they pursuing me? Please investigate. I never made a phone call to anyone from an Assurance phone or account. Is someone using my information? They went out of their way to get my P.O. box. Every time I call them, I am apologized to them and am told to just ignore the re-certification letter. Then 3 months later here comes another one. This letter has an acct. pin on it. I have no acct.

    Assurance ph. nos. are set up to make sure you don’t reach a responsible person. I’m trying this way now. I will have to contact the government if it doesn’t stop. I have no Assurance phone number to give the phone prompts, so why are they bothering me?

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