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How To Contact Safelink Wireless Customer Service Contact Phone Number for Support and Help

SafeLink Wireless is making the vision of universal access to telecommunications services for all Americans a reality. As of October 2009, SafeLink has over 2 million customers and is available in 19 states – Alabama, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, North Carolina, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, Wisconsin – and the District of Columbia. Today, there are over 1,700 companies in the United States currently providing discounted telephone service. But, thanks to its extensive outreach promoting SafeLink, TracFone Wireless is one of the largest providers of Lifeline services in the United States, second only to AT&T.

Safelink’s free government mobile phone competitors include Assurance Wireless, Truconnect, Life Wireless and QLink Wireless. 1-800-378-1684


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  1. I just want to know if I can get a sim

    card for my samsung galaxy J3?

    There are so many 800 numbers to call, I

    don’t know which is the right one.

  2. I just receive my phone on May 14, 2018 and activated it late that night. I used it a little to read news articles and e-mails and some Facebook only for two or three days then could only use the phone for one day and then not at all.

    I have called Safelink three times and was told that I would have 350 minutes and unlimited talk and text. I have never texted anyone only used the phone a few times. I can hardly understand the woman at Safelink. She took all my personal information again. She keeps telling me that I have run out of Data, but I know that is not so. I have a smart phone and have bused 1 GB of data in a week, much less in 3 days.

  3. I Have been rerquesting service for a year and a half and have not received its benefits. Imeet all of the requirements and hace fax or mailed them. What is the problem?

  4. This is a joke i have called to get my min’s and it the same thing over and over i called and talked to someone last week and said it was all taken care of BS all they did was take my min’s off my phone and those toll free numbers are not free….

  5. I lost my phone service for at least 5 different reasons that what they told me everytime I called. East person I talked to gave me a different reason why I lost my phone. I finally told them to shove their phone. cant understand them when they talk anyway. I think its a scam to get peoples info. I asked them where they were from and they wouldnt tell me. Had my phone for at least 10 years and now they say I cant have it.

    1. basically done the same to me, after staying on hold for 2 weeks and trying new sim card, just got tired of being switched to higher office and no one ever answered. Literally on phone 2/3 hours everyday and new phone never worked.

  6. I have sent my qualification at ion paper and have not heard a thing from you. You took the phone down on false claims to begin with, I had mad phone calls in that month and there was no lapse in my snap.

  7. I have been a SafeLink client for a few years niw,and they have become idiots.I’ve been trying to recertify my service for 2018 since December 2017.I have called over 12 times,received,filled out and mailed 4 forms to SafeLnk,and,mailed 3 copies of income to SafeLink-as requested,and,the morons still don’t get it.They have also lied to me several times over the phone,and,I am in danger of loosing my cell phone service with SafeLink,because SafeLink is stupid and incompetent

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