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How to Contact BJ’s Wholesale Club Customer Service

Phone Number: 1-800-257-2582 association with this company:

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  1. Every sunday morning my daughter and I shop at BJ on Merritt ave in merritt Island and also get our gasoline after shoping and when I finish my shopping I stop for one or 2 of your hotdog and ask for the sourcrout and they told me they nolonger have it I ask why not they don’t know.then I stop and get the gas for my car and there are some stupid people thatget in the middle of the drive so no one can pass and just stay to see which line moves faster and the attende does nothing about they have a sign stating to pull up and don’t block the drive way they should not block the drive

  2. BJ’s change the reward program with no notification. You no longer get your reward monies back in one lump sum but only in $20 increments——think we’ll sign up with Costco instead

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