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  1. Jan. 2015 had an article on p. 74-75 that was called “Juice Nation”. You gave the names of about 20 different juice drinks but not a recipe of any one of therm. I think you should publish those pages again and include all the recipes. I would like to become a juicer.

    Best Regards,

  2. I just called this number and complained about all the “renewal” notices I get when there is still 6 months left. If I did not keep good records – I might pay it again. I believe they target the senior population. I was assured that I will not get any more renewal notifications until 1 month before actual renewal. We will see. If I do, I am discontinuing my subscription.

  3. I received my march 2015 issue and have trouble locating where to purchase “the winner”

    Kuhn Rikon duromatic pressure cooker 5qt. I live in California..

    Thank you for your attention to this matter.


  4. Called to straighten out a problem with my subscription (duplicate subscription being sent to wrong address, it was partly an error on my part) and they corrected the problem immediately and courteously. They also extended my subscription to compensate for the 3 duplicate months. This is the number I used to contact them.

    Subscription Questions If you already have a subscription and you would like more information about it, you can go directly to our online customer-care site.

    E-mail us at

    Call us at (800) 765-9419

    Mailing Address:Bon Appétit P.O. Box 37614 Boone, IA 50037-0614

  5. I just opened my September 2014 issue. The last place I want to be bombarded with perfume is when I’m reading about food. You should fire the person that decided this was a good advertisement. If this continues, I’ll drop my subscription.

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