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  1. I changed my filter and it advised to soak the new filter before using. I checked the wrapping and also the box and there was no mention on how long it should be soaked? Help please. Thank you

  2. I had to get some more filters for my Brita dispenser. I noticed that there is a “NEW DESIGN” for the filters. Brought 2 4 packs home. Got one out, flushed it with water for 15 seconds, just like the instructions said to do. Put the “NEW” filter in the dispenser, worked just fine, no problem, UNTIL, I noticed that the water seemed to go through the filter rather quickly. Lifted up the cover and saw that the filter had popped out of the reservoir, so I pushed it back down, firmly. Filled up the dispenser again, came back to check on the water and the filter had popped out AGAIN !. I went through 3 filters trying to get them to say down in the reservoir. Finally I gave up, went to the store and bought a ZERO WATER filtration dispenser. I LOVE IT !!! Just wish I had not thrown away the receipt for those Brita filters. I still have 5 UNUSED Brita filters that are going in the garbage !!! Along with the water dispenser. Bottom line, your so called new design on these filters SUCK !!!

  3. simple but annoying……the pitcher has a pouring spout lid that always falls into the tumbler. i cannot secure it.

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