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How To Contact Brookstone Inc. Customer Service

Brookstone is a nationwide specialty retailer offering an assortment of consumer products that are functional in purpose, distinctive in quality and design and not widely available from other retailers. Brookstone first introduced itself to the world in a small classified ad selling “hard-to-find tools” in Popular Mechanics. 1-800-846-3000


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  1. I bought three Christmas Wreaths through Amazon; the wreaths were shipped from Brookstone Inc. They arrived in three boxes, iI opened one box and realized that the wreaths would not fix over my light fixtures on my house. i emailed Amazon and said we would have to contact Brookstone. Contacted Brookstone and they said wait for confirmation to return. Received confirmation which said return to Mexico, MO address with return authorization #. Response did not include prepaid labels to return. I took 3 boxes to UPS to return and each box cost $24.72/each totalling $74.16. No where did it say in any of Brookstone’s communications did it say I would not get reinbursed for the UPS charges, Contacted customer service phone #, response was sent by “Holly”. Called to find out about refund for UPS charges and was told “I would have to pay for the UPS charges”. person was not Holly. Person was very rude and short. Called back, new person tried to help but said, “since the items were not damaged, I was responsible for the UPS charges. Asked to talk to a manager and was told told one was available. Called back a third time and asked for a manage; after being put on hold finally soomeone said she was the “floor manager”, she really didn’t care what I had to say. I asked to talk to someone hirer, she said she was the top person, I said so you are the CEO of Brookstone; she said, “I am today”! I guess if iI would have taken the wreaths out of the boxes and damaged them, i would have gotten prepaid labels for returns. Very poor customer service. Bad return policy. Bad communication about return policy. Brookstone should not be a partner with Amazon and Amozon should review their relationship with Brookstone. Rude employees; especially the very “jerky” floor manager!!!! i will be telling anyone and everyone I can about my experience with Brookstone, I will never step foot in another Brookstone store. I will never spend another dime with Brookstone!!! I will be sending a letter to Thomas Via, President/CEO and the interim CEO Steven Schwartz. I will also be sending a letter to Amazons President/CEO The past 4 hours have been a horrible experience.

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