Cash America


Customer Service Contact Information For Cash America 1-800-223-8738


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  • I called to get the name and business phone number for the area manager for the Bryan and College Station Texas stores. I was given the name David Whitmire I was told that I would not be able to get his business phone number.And may I ask why??? I thought that you people wanted to build business. I guess you all really don’t give a damn about your customers. I have done business with your organization before it became Cash America.After the incident I had today with one of your stores which resulted in my attempting to contact Whitmire, I believe I will probably cease doing business with your ” we could care less” outfit. Over the years, I have spent 1000’s of dollars. Well no more.

  • I just have one problem with your website; it will not let me register my email address to receive your company email messages,can you assist me with this issue? James

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