Cheapoair Customer Service


How To Contact Cheapoair Customer Service

213 W 35th St, #1301
New York, NY 10001 USA
Main Office Phone Number: 1-212-478-0335
Airline Reservations: 1-800-566-2345
Hotel Reservations: 1-888-437-1746
Billing: 1-888-793-4229


7 Responses

  1. Booking no. 2

    A computer glitch occurred on spelling the middle name of my confirmed booking. I have trying to solve this minor issue for the last 13 days although I have been promised and guaranteed that correction will be effected within 48 hours and same message is repeated by different and many agents including at the managerial specialist level. It takes an average of an hour before someone dares answering calls.

    My numerous calls, chat live, exchanges of emails that are recorded did not serve to any purpose, yet.

    Could you please what is the next step to take.

    May someone please return my call at , ant tome day or night.

    I have never lived such an ordeal.

    Thank you

  2. After speaking with a rep from the call center in India, I now get cold calls from India about opportunities to buy things. I believe my email is being shared. This bothers me too.

  3. I asked the rep. if I could speak with the Supervisor, but he hung up the phone. When I called again, I was put on hold, for 20 plus minutes. So I hung up. I never got to speak with the Supervisor, to share my concerns. What must I do to reach someone to share my concerns?

  4. the website booked a nearby airport, not the airport I asked for. They wouldn’t change my flight without a fee and kept me on hold for over 2 hours. I will never use CheapOair again

  5. Lost hope

    Please, please, I beg of you. Never never deal with Cheapoair, crooks, untruthful, all they want is grab your money

    Not to be trusted cheapoair is Cheap

  6. I have had the worst experience with Cheapoair Company! Tried to use a credit flight, took over five hours to rebook, but finally booked. Then I was called by a agent after 11P.M., waking me and my baby telling I had to rebook my flight! I was never told I would have to pay additional charges because they wanted to change my flight but I was and going threw several more hours on the phone trying to fix this matter!

  7. Don’t use Cheapoair. If you are overseas and need to change your reservation, they can’t be reached

    and have idiots sanswering their email.

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