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  1. My husband and I eat frequently at the Cheddar’s located at 2697 Rudolph Boulevard, Clarksville, Tennessee 37040. We always enjoy the food and customer service has always been superior. Tonight, was just the opposite. Our waitress served our salad with a dressing we did not order. I ordered a margarita listed as $3 and some change. I had ordered the same margarita last week for the same price. When we got our tab, I questioned the $6 and some change price. I was told it was because it wasn’t frozen but she would ask about it. The manager, Lisa Young showed up at our table and in a snarling, belittle, scolding, unprofessional demeanor and tone of voice she told me she adjusted our total as a “FAVOR” and she shouldn’t have because it was for only the frozen and not ‘on the rocks’ margarita. I told her I had gotten the margarita on the rocks just last week for the price listed and displayed at our table. She said it was a mistake and it should not have happened. It’s not what she said but the manner in which she approached our table and the tone in which we were spoken to. I worked 32 years in management with a federal program and I never for one second ever thought about scolding as a means to deliver a message. Ms. Lisa Young needs to reconsider how she approaches customers – – I’m merrily a customer (not an employee) who is generating dollars for this place of business. Our visit took place between 7:30 pm and 8:00 pm. I always spend large sums of dollars during the Christmas holiday’s for gift certificates for friends and family, but would not be pleased knowing they, too, could be mistreated in an established business as we were.

  2. bought food from MacArthur in Irving, there was a huge piece of glass in the salad I ordered. When I called the Manager Carlos did not care about what I had to say to him. He just did not give a damn about the fact that there was a piece of glass in my food.

  3. while visiting friends in Tenn. I mentioned that my family and I often eat at Cheddars Rest. in Brandon Florida and its always good. So we decided to eat at cheddars in Pigeon Forge. It was busy, there was a wait, but the server was nice and efficient. My meal, and 2 others in our party ordered mashed potatoes. While eating the mashed potatoes the server was by my table as she saw me say wait when I took a bite of potatoes and spit out a large piece of white plastic. I showed it to the server and she offered to bring me more potatoes?? Really?? A manager came to our table and said it probably fell off the container while mixing the potatoes and said she would take care of my meal. At this point all 5 in our party didn’t want to eat the rest of our meal. and when the bill came she only took $1.68 off my meal. I asked the server to send the manager back and she sent someone other that herself.

    That manager took my meal off but added $2.50 for a beverage we didn’t order. my daughter and everyone else at the table did not eat their potatoes or the rest of their meal. Very disappoint.

  4. I can’t believe you charge $2.49 for mac & cheese that comes in a 2 oz bowl. We expected at least a decent serving since that was to be a little ones dinner. Otherwise it was sort of okay. Probably won’t be back. I realize you have been open only a month in Tucson, AZ so good luck.

  5. Love food,workers are very pleasant! 444. 707 000 008 114 0 No.840 I could not get on survey so did this way.

  6. The waiter was horrible, very disinterested, like he didn’t want to be there, service was horrible, took forever to get our food. Drinks were not re-filled, order was wrong, the chicken tenders were the only thing worth eating, my grilled catfish was spongy. It was the worse dining experience any of us had ever had. Will never go back to any Cheddar’s anywhere. This one was in Austin.

  7. Recently ate at my first Cheddar Restaurant in Pigeon Forge TN. I contacted a Cheddar website to advise how much I loved the service, food and the price. I wanted to request that they take a look at Rome, Ga. for a Cheddar Restaurant, they advised I would have to contact corporate. I have tried to contact TX office but all I could see was the many complaints and I don’t know where these people ate but it sure was not the Cheddars that I was visiting. We were so impressed, we ate the next day on the way out of town.

    The employees were great, we were a party of 7 and was advised we would have to wait at least 30 min. they had us a table less than 10 minutes, as I said the service, food and atmosphere was wonderful.

    Please look into locating in my town.

  8. My wife and ate at your new location in Inianapolis Ind. last night and our food in general was good. The chicken fingers my wife got were real good along with her two homemade side dishs (broc and cheese and red beans and rice). I ordered the cheese burger with fries. The fries were good but the burger was a BIG disappointment. On your menu it states the that your food is homemade, but the burger I was served appeared to have come out of freezer plus with the name Cheddars, I expected lots of cheddar cheese and not a slice of American cheese. I guess it’s my misperception. All and all the food was good, it just took over an hour to recieve it. We were told that the kitchen was backed up. I suppose you’re experiencing growing pains.

    We plan on trying it again in the future. Hopefully your Ribs are as good as your chicken fingers and the kitchen figures out how to get the food out in a timely manner.

    Mike and Lucie

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