Boost Mobile Customer Service


Boost Mobile Customer Service Phone Number for Support and Help

Boost Mobile is a mobile carrier owned by Sprint. The provide unlimited data for text, phone and streaming. Their biggest competitor is Metro PCS.

Boost Mobile Phone Numbers

Phone Number: 1-888-266-7848

Customer Service: 1-866-402-7366

From Mobile: Dial 611

Sales: 1-855-223-2491

Boost Mobile Hours

Mon-Fri: 4am – 8pm PST
Sat & Sun: 4am – 7pm PST

Time needed: 20 minutes.

How to Contact Boost Mobile Customer Service

  1. Call their customer service phone number for live help.

    Dial 1-866-402-7366 from your mobile or landline. Or dial 611 from your mobile device.

  2. Get self-help online

    You can search for answers to your questions online using their official website click here.

  3. Get help on Social Media

    Boost mobile offers customer support through their Twitter page:

Boost Mobile Customer Service
Boost Mobile Phone Number

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370 Replies to “Boost Mobile Customer Service”

  1. I was supposed to have the Boost Shrinkage and have noticed that my monthly payment is still $40.00. In the last (6) months I purchased a new phone and went from $35.00 to the amount of $45.00 then $40.00 and it should be at $35.00. I have been a boost mobile customer for several years and have never had a late payment. My Payment is on file and each 22nd of the month the amount is deducted. Please help with this question.

    Thank You

  2. My Boost cell drops call,, can not make any calls can not get voice message..It says Voice Failed,,,,and that Wireless Network has X I am sick and need a phone service,,, Last Fri started to miss voice mails,,, Can not Make any Calls or rec them,,, Going to have surgery soon need a Decent phone…. There is NO Customer Service,,,, Even if you go to a Boost store,,,, They Know NOTHING…Going to Report them to the Better Bus …

  3. I bought a new iPhone s from boost. Bought the coverage for damage from apple direct. I dropped the phone my fault, no problem. Go into Apple the give me a a new phone. Spend over an hour on the phone and on line with Boost. All the Apple techs say good luck all of there customers leave with out phone service , need to go to Boost. So I go to Boost the next day and for 4 straight days. Give us 24 hours and we will get phone service. That didn’t work. Day 2 Apple had no business replacing your phone, you need to buy another one from us. Day 3 we see that you have a problem going to the top of our list. Day 4 Need to replace your Iccdm card ( SIMM). We are trying everything we can wait 5 business days and we will send you a new card. If not you need to think about getting your money back from apple for selling you the coverage. Buy a new phone from boost and then buy our coverage so you can have cell phone service. Folks I don’t know about you but whatever type of business your in would that type of customer service work. These guys tell you what you want to hear. It’s cheaper and easier to stay with Verizon. I will be out of phone service for 10 days and paying for it.

  4. Save yourself the headache and hassle, and go with another carrier.

    Boost mobile has poor/spotty service. A lot of dropped calls. The phones are crap. My android phone lasted less than 6 months. Phone stopped working on March 2nd, and they will not refund the rest of the month, despite the fact that the phone doesn’t work. It is hard to get ahold of an actual representative, not that there much help anyways. Numerous other problems with the phone, but that is probably due to the phone and not the carrier. Would NOT recommend or use either one again.

  5. I swear to our Almighty God that Boost Mobile has to be the ULTIMATE WORST CELL SERVICE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not only are your phones bullcrap but your website is too!!!!!! I’ve tirelessly have tried to enter into my online account and cannot! Your website will allow me to put in my 4-digit passcode but wont let me enter my phone#????!!!!! WTF BOOST???!!! I am definitely changing my service!!!! I’ve been a longtime subscriber but I’be taken all I can stand!!!!! You azzholes make me completely sick!!!!!!!

  6. Loaded $30 to my card on Oct. 1st. My bill is due on Oct. 2nd in the amount of $30.

    On Oct. 3rd, my phone was interrupted due to what they said is insufficient funds on my account. They proceeded to tell me that I have to load another $30 because the first $30 was an error.

    Are you serious? Well, it only takes one screw-up for me. I’m headed back to Straight Talk.

  7. I’m not happy. Seems like the service has progressively gotten worse. If I’m on LTE sitting parked, the damn signal goes, to 3G, then even less. When I’m LTE then make a call, it’s less than 3G. Who does that. We pay enough for unlimited so why limit that… Unjustified. Ready to switch in 30 days if they don’t get their S*** together…

  8. My bill is payed and my service isn’t working .I’ve tried updating, resetting everything, turning the the phone off nothing is working. My job pays the majority of my bill because I need to be reached 24/7 and now I be reached. I even called boost customer service and I’ve been getting a busy signal. I NEED THIS ISSUE RESOLVED NOW.

  9. just screwed my son out of his money can not get a live do not get BOOST BECAUSE IF U DO U WILL GET A BOOST U DONT WANT

  10. this company sucks, I bought a phone and had boost mobile, I only used the phone for like 4 months and wanted to give it to my brother as he is in a nursing home. when I called boost to see how I can change from boost to smart talk they told me I had to wait a year. I never knew that and I bet a lot of other people don’t either

  11. It makes no sense that when you call the automatic system, it tells you the service off (that is why I am calling in the first place) then it provides you a number to call (and you call 877 855 6673) it automatic system said the number so fast and only one time I had to call three times. only to be told your service is off…WOW what a smart device My bill was paid days ago, I have my receipt and will need to go into a store to get services restored

    Boost really need a boost with customer care

  12. I need someone to walk me through set – up of my new replacement Z.T.E-MAX (n9520) the phone was replaced by my insurance after a drop which cracked the LCD and digitizer. The new phone

    is here now and charging. I need to keep my old Boost Mobile phone # and see if getting the information back in the phone is possible, but I do need someone for directions through the process. A how to video would be nice right about now.

  13. I would like to talk with a person.i’ve been on my computer for bout an hour and haven’t been able o talk to anyone please contact me or e-mail me.

  14. just screwed my son out of his money can not get a live do not get BOOST BECAUSE IF U DO U WILL GET A BOOST U DONT WANT

  15. I’ve had boost mobile fora while now.I don’t want these pop up apps .Now i have a whole page of them and can’t get rid of them. Help me!

  16. come on pple boost mobile is not bad I used to have metro pcs internet sucks big time and as me I don’t gave no poblems takes boost mobile for coustumer service call 18882667848 press 1 then 0 dat will work

  17. On March 7th, 2015, I paid my Boost bill 2 months in advance and they have no record of it showing that April is good, and paid for. Despite having a printed receipt to prove this, Boost has not provided me a valid e-mail address to send them a copy. After spending more than an hour with 5 customer service reps, I am still not able to resolve this. Boost, without any doubt, has the worst customer service I’ve ever experienced. It’s their error and they refuse to fix this in spite of the receipt having the transaction number and approval clearly stamped on it. Proof, or customer satisfaction, is not important to them and their CEO should be held accountable their Board of Directors for the way they treat their clients. Disgusted is putting it mildly.

  18. what is up with boost??? I cannot get any service to make calls or get them! usually I get great service but as of today I cannot get ANYTHING to work and I cannot get to a live person to tell me what is going on! My husband is having the same issues and he is with Sprint and can’t reach anyone either, seems like no one wants to tell us anything or even TRY to help ANYONE! Was reading above and it looks as though MOST people with this deal are having the same problems and not getting ANY answers! Do you want our business or not? Seems to me if you did you would at least let us know if there is a number we can actually TALK TO YOU ABOUT IT!! Or post on our phones or on this sight what is REALLY GOING ON!!!!

  19. Bought my phone boost store on greenmount ave. The female an I had words she took my phone held it up to a bright lite when I got home I found all my pictures advertising Google looked like negatives! Went back she laughed told me get f… out wanted ta smack hell out her paid hundred fifty bucks tryed calling boost several times can’ t talk to a michine this girl should not b wo

    rking in places that deals with the public so if she get upset again gonna screw some one else’ s ?? I think i deserv a new phone an SHE another job some where else. Really craped.

  20. I’ve been using Boost over 5 years and never had an issue that was fixed with a simple call to customer service…..Till I tried adding cash to my account last night and spent over a hour jumping through hoops to finally get a rep who proceeded to ask me to repeat all the information I had just given to the automated system!

    Only reason I was even paying by phone is the web site has gone to total crap and is useless unless it works for buying a new phone!

    Every other page on the site during the payment process would be trying to sell me a damn phone!!!

    To the point it was impossible to make an online payment! I first ran across this last month and figured maybe just a glitch in the system which would be fixed. This month was even worse.

    Try dialing 611 and get a screen on the phone asking if I want to call or use a web page….if I wanted a damn web page I’d use the browser not dial a phone number!

    My guess is they’re trying to force auto payment on everybody but if their web site can’t handle a simple add funds request I sure as hell refuse to trust the morons running the site with auto payment!

    Bottom line after over 5 years I plan on finding a provider that cares about customer service if I wanted crappy customer service I’d just sign a contract with the other sstuffbag rip offs!

  21. Can’t get calls or SMS my friend said my mobile number is different than the one issued on first mobile one touch Fling was dropped in toliet got boost mobile Windows Nokia Lumia 635 had activated at my local RADIOSHACK as well I didn’t chose to change mobile # also one touch Fling was history it was a hunt n peck that thought it was a smartphone. Don’t know what’s up I think someone or something has taken over my accounts

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