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1-800-322-1189 Customer Service Contact Phone Number for Support and Help is JC Penney’s online Shop for savings on apparel, shoes, jewelry, bedding, windows , and even furniture. JC Penney’s competitors include Walmart, and Sears.

JC Penney opened it’s first catalog in 1963 and has been a leading retailer for years. They have embraced the internet and social media and they look to grow into the future.

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  1. Customer insults at the store by jc Penny store manager

    To whom it may concern:
    Sir / madam:

    I was shopping at Jc Penny at Rancho
    Cucamonga (Victoria garden). April 27 at 5 pm. When I was ready to check out many of the registers were closed. Since most of the registers were closed I had to stand in check out line for about half an hour. Soon I got my turn. Some of the clothing I bought from disorganized racks, tag prices did not match to register price. so manager was called in by associate for verification. Manager came and checked the register price to tag price which was marked on sell. Manager denied to sell me the tag price. I was frustrated. Instead of going back to rack and verify the tag price manager outright said in a rude manners to me it is not even on sell (reduced price) ? Making me feel guilty. I paid some of the other merchandise price and walk away from register to help them service other customers and did not want to hold the line for other customers for long as a curtesy. To prove the tag price that was right & not tempered I myself went back to verify (which was store managers responsibility) the price from the same rack I pick up the items from the rack (Stating clearance price, Reduced price.). To prove myself I brought back the same items from the rack to show associates and manager that items tags were not tempered and marked correctly but they totally ignored me. manager /associate started the showing me their ego in front of other customers and humiliated me to hide their wrong doing (offense is the big defense?). manager ruled me out and call the police officer for my disappointments and ruling my act as a misbehavior. Police officer guide me out from the store like I was criminal. Wanted to book me for trespassing. Without providing me any fairness by store manager or police officer service. it was rude. It was pathetic the way the my shopping experience turn out with JC Penny.

    event gave me second thoughts how organization like yours can damaged good guys reputation in no time. Disappointed.

    Please don’t advertise something ( how well you ethically Stand for customer rights ) where your
    Staff not ready to acknowledge it. Ruins customer image as well as yours.

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