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  1. this is a poor excuse for customer service. I was told my order would be delivered on Jan 2 and it wasn’t . there is no way to track the order. My vehicle is on jack stands until I receive my order. I am without transportation until I receive 098669613619327

  2. I am trying to return two items but can’t work thru the return process. I tried to enter both parts but when I went to get a shipping label it is only showing one part. I received both parts in one box and would like to send them back the same way.

  3. emailed me that the Tire Pressure Sensor was delivered 11/19 2018 in front door of the house. When I looked at it , There is nothing there . Pls. Do something about it Rockauto .Ineed the part very badly. Thank you .

  4. Back in the day, you could call to fix a problem or get a question answered. Now, good luck trying to talk to a human. The human element at Rock Auto is gone. Been trying for 3 days to get answer but no reply…useless.

  5. Shipped me the wrong part. Two shock absorbers for a car, but sent two for an SUV version. Does not fit or even look the same. My order was correct, but the part was mislabeled. After that, hours, of time, wasted and no replacement or refund. I would of had to spend more money to ship the product back than to buy another locally. It’s an all sale final policy, but they give you the illusion of customer assistance. Avoid like the plague.

  6. Ordered a differential speed sensor,put the truck in the air took it apart and the new part is backwards. Called,was told to have a good day. This is not the first time in a room up on an order. Makes it tough to do afix

  7. received my order today brake kit esk6231. Upon checking fitment of parts the kit contains (2) right side brake rotors. it clearly shows on your site a left and right.. Anyone that knows anything about the venting knows from left to right… they can”t be the same unless the veins are straight.

  8. I am very disappointed in how you handle your customers. I had a credit which I used to purchase a product. I had to return the product and received a credit on my card for the return but it seems I lost the previous credit. There is no human that I can talk to about this problem which is frustrating. Please respond with a phone number to someone who can help me with this situation.

  9. I received the wrong part in a box with correct part number. The part I ordered was BH36537 and the part in the box was 78-36978. This part will not work or interchange. I will send this part back but your website will not give any instructions to do so. I have called by phone many times with no success. The mistake was not my fault and I don’t feel I should pay return shipping. What do I do to receive correct part and return wrong part. The order number is 80499038.


  10. I too, ordered the part specified by the Rock Auto representative. Part received was wrong part. I returned incorrect part to Rock Auto with a letter requesting a refund and that I not be charged for shipping since the mistake was made by Rock Auto representative and not me. Rock Auto has not responded to my emails or phone calls re.. a refund.

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