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  1. hello my name is ken i payed over 800 for my sanyo 46″ tv 3 years ago and 2 years ago it started when u turn on the tv half the screen is black in 10 mins it clears but after that i get black wavey lines on the screen for 30 mins i call and they told me they will get me a repair shop but it will come out of my pocket if i dont get a email from u i will tell all my family and friends and they will tell their friends and i will never buy any sanyo stuff again ty

  2. Our Son Bought A Sanyo Compact Refridgerator, Bought At a yard Sale. The Door handle was broke at Bottom of Handle. The little fridge supposedly works ok .
    So we need to order a door. Handle for Model No. SR 480-1-1; the serial No. 11-985:: Biggest Problem is that we cannot find that handle for that Model No. ??!! Can Sanyo Please help??

    The Model No. SR4801-1 is on Two Stickers( one is on the upper right corner: one on the upper left corner : on outside back of the compact fridge):: Both have same model No. SR4801-1; and same serial no. 11-985: Kindly let us know!!?? Our phone No ; email is listed below!!
    Sincerely, Joe Martins

  3. This company don’t deserve a star .I bought a 55″ TV 13 month ago and it quit work 1month after warranty ran out !!!!!!!!! IMAGINE THAT , call wal-mart no go they said call Sonya, did that and they say they can give me a number to a tech that i can pay to fix it , Spend over $500 on this for my elderly mother and will not buy another product from them i own 3 more Sonya TV now but never again .

  4. This company sanyo is selling totally a rubbish. So please don’t waste your money while purchasing the gadgets and electronics devices of this ruin company.
    As I experienced this very bad. Some months before may be two three I bought an electric water cooler. It just worked for few days. I registered many complaints first they don’t come on time take round about one week and when come they don’t fix it permanently. So please don’t buy a pain and headache for yourself.

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