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How to Contact Csl Plasma Visa Customer Service

Phone Number: 1-800-238-9762

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  1. I ordered something from fragrance.com it was wrong I sent it back they said they refunded the money on my plasma CSL card for $29.04, it should have been put back on my card no later than the 28th of April and here it is the middle of May and I have not received it yet I want to know where it is and why it is not been put back on my card

  2. The site in Tucson, Butterfield St. Customer Service is HORRIBLE!!! They have no system to tell when people are seated for donation. I was seated at about 7:15 am. I watched people who were seated 15-20 minutes after I was, being hooked up to the machines completely out of the order in which they arrived. Then I watched the same thing happening as people were being unhooked after donation. They added at LEAST 45 minutes to the time I was sitting back there. Also they open at 6:00 am, and usually have movies showing while you donate. I asked after sitting there about an hour, if the TV’s were broken. The girl said no we probably just haven’t turned them on yet. I was there till 9:00 and they never were turned on. The employees at this location just don’t give a damn!!!

  3. It’s really a shame to wait eight days for a refund that was declined during a transaction in the first place. Also representatives give misleading information. They state problem will be resolved in 24 hours.

  4. How long will it take to get my replacement card an why should i have to pay to have it replaced when i already pay to get cash off of it an i have to buy something?????

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