CVS Customer Service


1-888-607-4287 is CVS’s Phone Customer Service Phone Number 
One CVS Drive
Woonsocket, RI 02895 1-888-607-4287

Similar Companies to CVS and Their Competition

CVS’s main competition in the retail space includes Walmart, Kroger, Target, Publix, Costco, Best Buy, Walgreens, and Albertsons.


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  1. The cvs in Atwater, California on Bellevue has horrible customer service and the pharmacist is even worse. I recently had a prescription that took 5 days to refill and when I finally received my medicine after I was home I was called and told that they had filled the prescription wrong. Instead on the one month supply I was given the full 3 month supply. Now the pharmacist refused to fill any of my prescription cause I left and didn’t return my prescription. FYI. Pretty ridiculous that she filled the prescription wrong and then tells me she won’t fill my prescription there any more. Sounds like cvs better take look at their employees. Cvs has lost my family’s business entirely.

  2. Your store #1393 in Manassas, Virginia has serious problems. The pharmacy is very slow, inventory outages are prevalent and the store is filthy. The front windows are so dirty any observant customer should be insulted. Shockingly, the floor people appear to be willing to be helpful. The store manager is not doing his or her job, nor is the DM.

  3. I sure do enjoy everything about CVS and all that this place has to offer… thank you again … for all that you do to bring great service to all of us. Have a good one…

  4. Every day I receive offers and CVS sends their share to me. I got an offer for 100 prints to be made for a cost of .11 cents each, if I used the promo code as indicated. I went to my local CVS store, spent an hour picking out photos for printing, and the asst manager, Michelle, said that it was only for online customers.

    If you look at your records, you will see that I had been a very good photo customer of yours until about two years ago. I have been going to Walgreen’s where there are no exceptions to their Promocode. management is there to fix problems at Walgreens, not set up road blocks to my accomplishing my task.

    Michelle takes delight in denying customers their coupons, and this is not the first time I have had her send me to Walgreens where I spent $30 on photos.

    I don’t understand why CVS works so hard to get customers in the store, then hire idiots like Michelle to send them away.

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