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  1. model 5254 tractor last 2 year constantly shuts off and service people at Weingartz outdoor power equipment has failed to fix on over 8 visits. Weingartz is a cub cadet dealer in Clarkston Michigan. Who can fix the problem.

  2. I tried to call Cub Cadet and ask a question about why my belt keeps breaking on the LTX1050 and I was told they couldn’t help me unless I provided the Model number and registered with them. I just wanted an answer but they wouldn’t help me. Customer Service is worthlwess

  3. I’ve owned my cub cadet zero turn now for two years.

    The reason I purchased it was because I thought cub cadet was a good name with quality. Ha boy was I wrong.

    Since having my cub cadet, I’ve replave 6 belts on it, replaced barries on it like they are going out of style, i had to replace a fuel line just recently and now i need to replace either the selinoid or the connections which have gone bad.

    I just had this machine at a so called certified mower shop to have it fixed ance again because the zero turn quit on me as I was mowing a month ago,

    The guy came out to my house got it started after I told the company a month ago to go through the machine with a fine tooth comb and fix anything that needed fixing on it.

    All this company did was put it on a machine…. Found one thing wrong with it. The company told me their work is under warrenty. Paid 300.00 when I had it in the shop.

    Now for the last three weeks, I’ve been trying to get the guy back out here.

    Has not showed up. Has not called at all and when he sceduled to come here never showed or called plus made excuses when I called him.

    Now I am looking for another mower shop to take this thing to or have it picked up to get fixed the right way.

    I now have no mower to cut lawn what so ever because of the machine and incomotency of cub cadets mechanics.

    What is this thing made in China or Japan.

    Doubt if cub cadet will call me to rectify this situation. All money , no action to keep customers.

    Will never buy a $5,000.00 cub cadet or a cub cadet of any kind ever again.

    Kaboota here I come.

    Got to find a way to get this piece of junk out of my yard.

  4. purchased a gas grass trimmer with dual wands… Absolutely the most difficult starting, unreliable anything I’ve ever owned. I have only used this item 5-6 times. Called customer service// wothless, So disgusted, it’s not worth the aggravation fixing. I threw it in trash. My advise, if it says Cub Cadet – Stay Away.

  5. I have a cub Cadet 1042 riding mower. What a piece of crap!!!! had it less then a year and the bearings went out. Now its about 7-8 years old and the whole top part of the motor the bolts are coming out. Its blowing oil all over. i took it to service place and they told me that this was not put together right at the factory and he has never seen this happen. Cub Cadet will not stand behind their equipment. This thing is blowing oil all over. Lets spend 1800.00 dollars on a riding mower. only to find out its the worst thing i ever purchased. Cub Cadet is garbage and try to get a hold of them what a joke!! DO NOT BUY CUB CADET!!!!!!!! They sell over priced junk equipment that they dont stand behind. Has anybody else had this problem?. This is a factory defect!!!!! but they wont admit it!!!

  6. Don’t ever buy anything CubCadet. We purchased a LGT 1054 in 2014 and the one blade keeps falling off. What is up with that?!!!! Should have to put the blade back on from a brand new lawnmower. Never again will I purchase a Cub NEVER. Customer service is

    worthless !

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