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How to Contact Dirt Devil Customer Service

Phone Number: 1-800-321-1134

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  1. Today I bought and tried out my new Dirt Devil ( Model SD12000), replacing my old one (Model 103)..

    I got a good hand held cleaner at a fair price. I had my old one for at least 25 years; I expect this new one to last as long. Thanks for a great product.


  2. Recently I inquired online as to problems I was having with my hand held dirt devil. After I took the steps provided as to possibly make the machine work again, I found that it would not. After advising your rep. I was soon contacted about my issue and advised that although based on the serial number I had provided, my warranty had expired, I was advised I was to receive a new dirt devil. Well…in no time at all, I did! It was really and pleasant surprise to have merchandise replaced when I assumed that all I would get was grief from customer service. I can’t thank your company enough for replacing my dirt devil and for the professional and swift response and conclusion. Thanks!

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