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By Eric Strand

Eric strand started customer service numbers in 2005.

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I bought a Shark Professional 1800 watt steam iron and in just a couple of months it was leaking water. It wasn’t a cheap iron, so I expected better than that.

I bought a Ninja Coffee Bar in late December, which is still under warranty. The plug and cord heat up very hot when the unit is on, and the cleaning light will not go off. It stopped brewing 2 days ago. I have run the hour long cleaning cycle 7 times to no avail. The heating power cord/plug is a huge concern, even if the cleaning light were to go off and I could brew a pot. Please contact me—I am not happy with this machine at all right now. I may have to go buy a new coffee machine, and this one was very expensive. CF091-registered online 12/24/17

Your customer service is not worth waiting for. I was trying to get information on whether you would replace or repair the steamer and all I get was goodbye. Can someone, preferably a live person, call me and give me some information regarding this item that stopped working after about 5 uses. thank you

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