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BISSELL’s goal is to help you improve the ways you take care of your home, right down to the microscopic irritants. Bissell Means Clean since 1876.


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  1. Your commercial is far too long. If you want to spend half an hour talking about your product, do it in your time frame dedicated to you not during a preset program trying to force us to watch you product. I just change the station to someplace you Bissell are not.

  2. I ordered a Bissell revolution from the infomercial on TV ON November 20th. I called today and they said it is out of stock and I may have to wait 6 weeks for it to be delivered. The infomercials are still running everyday on TV. WHAT A CROCK! STOP SELLING IF YOU CAN’T MEET THE ORDERS YOU ALREADY HAVE!!

  3. I just today received my Bissell that I ordered on line. Where is the return receipt on the box? I’m 85 yrs old and could hardly bring the box into my house it was so heavy. I won’t try it because I’m not technical and I gasped at all the parts. I wANT TO return it tomorrow and will have to call FED EX to pick it up as I can’t lift it. Will appreciate any help you can give . I just need a light weight vacuum and your Bissell is not it. Mary Ann

  4. I bought a Bissell rewind Clearview pet cleaner a few months ago. I clean the brush every time I use it. Last week it started smoking & the belt broke. I called Bissell and they sent me a new belt. I just put it on and it started smoking again. Now they say that I need a new brush! I ordered one so we’ll see!I loved the vastuffn but this sucks or not depending on what you’re talking about!

  5. Not a happy Bissell Carpet Cleaner owner! Less than a year old and already had to order a new brush roller and belt. I purchased this cleaner because of the Bissell reputation but after reading the three comments from Bissell owners I can’t imagine Bissell has much of a reputation left! I told a relative recently to NOT buy a Bissell…not what it’s advertised to be. This cleaner has not cleaned well from the beginning, and it’s not an easy clean up, either. Too many parts to take out and clean after using the the mashine.

  6. I received my Bissel pet carpet cleaner for Christmas and went to use it for the 4 th time today and it won’t spray.

    What is the problem?

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