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Dole Foods offers a variety of more than 200 products, including fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, packaged foods and value-added food products. 1-800-356-3111


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  1. I had the same problem with the crushed pineapple. This Thanksgiving I made my usual fruit salad of cream cheese, mandarine oranges, raisins, bananas, pecans and crushed pineapple….almost every bite had a hard cube of pineapple(why cubed and not crushed ?) I’m 83 ,on a fixed income and the result of this was not only expensive, but embarrassing at a large dinner gathering. I might also add that I have frozen ‘Meals on wheels’ delivered to me and the pineapple chunks (I do not know what brand) are also hard. I related to the guests and my friends ,to NOT buy Dole…

  2. Please tell me you sell this taco southwestern dressing in the Detroit mi area separately from the salad kit if not please post immediately when you do decide to put it on the market.


  4. I am a working class person and I’ve been shopping at Giant in Springfield VA for the past 5 years. During the last year I’ve really notice how much DOLE products I’m throwing away and this morning, the straw broke the camels back. You’ve made so much money off of me but your products don’t last. I will buy lettuce, coleslaw, mixed slaw every other day and every single time I’ve thrown the bag away before I finished it due to the food being slimy and moldy. The expiration dates are at least a week out but nothing is working. I’ve put in pyrex containers with lids and that didn’t work. I’ve used Debbie green bags and that didn’t work. i’ve kept it in the original bags but I am now over the edge with wasting money. I’ve probably thrown out $600 worth of lettuce and I’m tired of it. Please find a way to make your products last – this is NOT FAIR TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!

  5. I use about 2-3 cans of Dole pineapple chunks each week (10 years ) and have encountered four bad cans over the past month. Like other commenters, the inside of the can, above the product fill line, was black or dark gray. While I have occasionally had this experience over the past 10 years, four in a month suggests quality problems. I got some push back from Dole “customer service” on the 1st call for one can, but replacement/.$50 off coupons were sent. My husband made the next call for the second can; coupons were promised but not yet received. Today, I encountered the third bad can and called, stating that a “one for one” replacement was inadequate since this was the third can and there is a lot of inconvenience involved in packing the spoiled contents and refrigerating it until garbage pickup day since I don’t have a garbage disposal system in my kitchen sink. I got a lot of hassle but the rep agreed to five coupons. Annoyed at the hassle in addition to the inconvenience I asked for a supervisor. During that call I opened another can (same lot number as can 3) and it was bad too! When she realized I was going to open yet another can, she insisted that I should not open it but should send it to Dole “for analysis” even though it had a different lot number! I thought this was foolish and did not want to waste my time mailing what was probably a perfectly good can. And I was right. After the call I did open the can and it was fine proving the ridiculousness of the supervisor’s request. Ultimately she refused any consideration for the fourth bad can, but claimed she would send the 5 coupons agreed upon for can 3. When I asked to speak to her supervisor, she claimed that individual won’t be in until late in the week and she can only leave a message, not assure a returned call. While the quality issue is troubling, the hassles I’ve gotten over replacement have been far more annoying. It’s ironic that the supervisor wanted to waste money on mailing a perfectly good can of pineapple back to Dole, but wouldn’t provide consideration for the 4th bad can. Perhaps it’s time to switch to another brand.

  6. I opened a bottle of Dole 100% pineapple juice today (03/04/2104) and it tasted like metal. This was a plastic bottle that was bought 2 days ago out of the cold isle and has been in the refrigerator. The best by date is APR 14 14 the number under that number is 48 H B 1808, this item was purchased at Shoppers on Rt40 Ellicott City, Maryland. The scan code is 48500 02113. I tried to give this information under contact us on the Dole website but it doesn’t go through. Something is wrong with this juice and I don’t know if the whole batch is bad. The seal was fine on the bottle. I can’t get the metal taste out of my mouth. I hope some one who reads this can do something before someone becomes ill.

  7. Just called them to ask if their frozen blueberries and frozen diced pineapple and mango are GMO and they said NO THEY ARE NOT.


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