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  1. Dollar Save Club,

    I’ve been trying to get you Guys on the phone to revise my mailing address, phone number and credit card number sans success.

    Will you PLEASE send me either a phone number (preferred) or e-m address so that I can communicate with a live representative. It used to be that it was easy to get you guys on the phone but, it seems, no more.


  2. Trying to get in touch with co about an issue just rings no answer ,what the hell kind of operation is this??Pease call me asap ..Don Shoemaker Fenelton ,Pa.

  3. You know I was really wanting to order a dollar shave for my son in law for a Christmas gift but struggling through your web site was a JOKE. Then I was searching for a phone number as I will not use my credit card on the computer. couldn’t be found. So let’s see if you want new business enough to call me otherwise I’ll have to find another gift

  4. Have used Gillette fusion razor for some time. I tried your razor and I decided to stick with the fusion. Thank you

  5. my shaveing blade is broken I can no longer shave, unless I can get a new blade holder I will cancle Leonard watts

  6. I’m a truck driver…need another handle for my house. Your razors ROCK!! I’m very satisfied, but if I forget my handle on the truck…then I have to use the razor by it’s self. It works but what a chore!! L’nOL… Can I order one?

    Can’t find a number to contact you. Do you have a service number?

    Again: Great product, and your savin’ me millions.

    Thanks again for your awesome product!!!

    Yours truly ~Joe~

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