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  1. I found this website looking for ecitydirect’s website. amazon is the main culprit. I have been using them for about 12 years now. just today an order wasn’t delivered, cat food, & I called to point this out & demand my cats’ food. amazon said if usps or fedex home doesn’t feel like delivering as promised by amazon, that is fine, amazon said it is their custom to let the carriers deliver when they want. for example, I want to order a comforter set as well. I will place order thru amazon, day of delivery will come & go, another day, another day, & finally a week or so later they may refund me or not, it may be found or not. I’m placing my bet that ecitydirect will more than likely deliver items. if not quickly, maybe better a little late than never from amazon. thanks we’ll see how it goes!

  2. Purchased a comforter set through Amazon for a Christmas gift. Several weeks later the comforter was washed according to the manufacturers instructions and the colors bled. Got a return authorization. Paid almost $30.00 to return to vendor. When I went to follow up on the return I was informed I returned a “used” item and it was discarded. No replacement, no refund, no help from Amazon. I am just out in excess of $100.00. Please beware!

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