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How to Contact edHelper Customer Service

Phone Number: 1-703-549-2555

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9 Responses

  1. i have sent 3 messages for password. Now I am waiting for a refund, if i don’t receive any response the bank will investigate.

  2. Same frustration as many people. No way to contact them directly, they don’t respond to a ticket submitted through their website.

  3. I have requested my password 5 or 6 times in several hours, not a single email response. This number is useless since it directs you back to the website, where you put in a request that also never gets answered.

  4. I have a membership to Ed Helper but cannot find my password. You have repeatedly said you’d send it but I’ve never received it! I have spent months trying to locate or connect with you! Please send my password ASAP!! I would appreciate your adding the past months when I couldn’t get a password from you, to my account.

  5. I need help now. You finally changed my email and now all of my saved word lists are gone. HELP ME

    Normally my rating would be perfect, but i need help and cannot get assistance

  6. I literally just signed up for edhelper, and would you believe that I have not received an email with my order receipt.

    There is NO CONTACT number for these ppl . unbelievable.

    I’m so frustrated right now.

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