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  1. Do not send me anymore Jerry Baker books!!! I did not order them and I don’t want them. Anymore sent will go in the trash and I AM NOT PAYING FOR THEM. I have told you once to stop sending them now I’m writing it so maybe you can understand it.

  2. I just received a “second invoice” for Grandma Putt”s Home Health Remedies ,which I do not have. This book was rejected and returned to sender the same day I received it because I did not order it…therefore I will not be paying for it. And this has been nearly two months ago that it was sent back. Order #201 124 970

  3. I also have the same problem. they sent me a return lable and I returned the book by ups. Now I am getting a bill. what are we to do?????Michael Makohon

  4. I received a bill for a book I did not order. I sent the bill back telling you that I never ordered that book and never received it. Then I received a label to send the book back if I didn’t want it. I can’t send a book back that I didn’t I didn’t receive and do not have it. I won’t be doing business again with Jerry Baker. I bought a book last year and I really enjoyed it but I don’t like the way business is done with your company and it seems that a lot of other people are having the same problems. Bad for Business! Please Stop sending me a bill or anything else I haven’t ordered.

    I thought this was a great business but not any more!

  5. Same story. I ordered and paid for 1 book that I wanted a couple of years ago. Now I keep getting books that I did not order or want. I did not willingly sign up for the book of the month club with Jerry Baker! How do I stop them from sending me books from Jerry Baker’s Fulfillment Center. For years, I thought of Jerry Baker as being a reputable company, but not any more!

  6. I have tried to call you –I have returned the book–do not sent them to me automatically–stop–I will order the ones I want period. It was returned long ago–

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