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  1. I bought a carry on bag about 3 years ago . My daughter loves this bag however the handle broke . Please advise what we can do .
    Thank you

  2. I bought a purse from Steinmart in July-July of 2018, used it maybe 15 days total during that period. Suddenly the straps broke while I was on the trip! I thought these are sturdy purses but apparently reading other purchasers emails, they are having the same problem. These purses are not what they seem, pretty however they might be. Very dissatisfied!

  3. I purchased a black Jessica Simpson hand bag. It is four months old and the straps are busting. What is my recourse?

  4. I bought an adorable light gray purse with a bow looking design on the front and chain handles…it has by far been my most favorite purse ever and I’m 43! Got tons of compliments on it. I bought it 2 mos. ago at a local TJ Maxx. Just 2 days ago out of nowhere the one strap busted when I got out of the car and put the purse on my shoulder. I was devastated. Only 2 months old?!?!? Really?? I’ve visited 2 TJ Max’s looking for the same purse to exchange or purchase again-but no luck. Is there anything you can do for me? I’d be more than willing to send pictures or even mail the purse back to you. Thank you.

  5. I have the exact same complaint. The back wheels of my Jessica Simpson luggage completely shredded after only taking it on 2 trips. Now I am unable to roll the suitcase at all! It has a 5 year warranty, but it was a gift and I don’t have a receipt for it. Extremely disappointed!

    D. stuffmings 6/15/2016

  6. I got a Jessica large purse for Christmas and I have just began to carry it and the zipper no longer works. I am very disappointed and I should be compensated for this, because I can no longer use this purse.

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