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How To Contact Eileen Fisher Inc. Customer Service

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Email: onlinesupport@eileenfisher.com


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  1. Dear Eileen Fischer Customer Care,

    I have been enjoying Eileen Fischer styles, textures, materials and quality of clothes for many years and would like to continue wearing the latest fashions that Eileen Fischer comes out with. Unfortunately within the last two years I bought a pair of pants and a sweater that have torn at the seams. I inquired at the University Village Eileen Fischer store in June 2016 if they could hem/’fix’ the tears. I was told Eileen Fischer does not have this capacity but was offered a 15% discount that expired in 30 days as a consolation. My intention of contacting Eileen Fischer was to figure out how to have the tears fixed so I could continue to wear them. The manager’s response to my dilemma was a little off putting.

    After a couple of days of thinking it over I decided I would stop shopping at Eileen Fischer because the price of the clothes could not justify the short wear time before they need to be tossed. However I continue to get mailing and I can’t help sigh that I have made this resolution because I really do love Eileen Fischer clothes. Hence I decided to write Eileen Fischer customer care, with pictures attached of the torn seams, to inquire what Eileen Fischer’s corporate policy is regarding torn seams of purchased clothes less than two years old. I would be a very happy and loyal customer if the policy is either to fix the torn seams or store credit me the same value of the pants and sweater I purchased. Note I shop at both University Village and downtown Seattle locations.

    I appreciate your considering and look forward to finding out what Eileen Fischer thinks.

  2. I have @ 30 years of Eileen Fisher items. Hard to part with them but I am trying to send some to EFGreen.

    I began at boutiques (New Paltz),then Bloomingdale’s in NYC and White Plains (good both places) and my favorite is 521 Madison Ave. Tammy and Maureen (I cannot remember all the names but everyone there is SOOOOOO helpful. I could write on and on about their supportive help with my clothing choices.)

    Recently I was looking at all major stores for a dress for our son’s wedding. I was shocked at the terrible fabrics I saw. I had not looked at other clothing in such a long time. Now I realize why I like E. Fisher items so much. The fabrics are almost always wonderful. I just have a few EF items with fabrics that don’t last, but I have 100’s of E Fisher items with fabrics that live on and on.

    Thank you for 521 Madison and the other stores. If I lived in the Village still I would visit the lower Fifth Ave store more frequently also. I do visit the Woodbury store and have lots from the former W. Commons store.

    But I visit 521 when I visit NYC which is often. They are so helpful!

  3. I have a pair of eileen fisher shoes that I absolutely love. They are the black peek pumps. Wondering if you do any repairs? I need a new heel on one shoe and wondering if you could fix it. These are the most comfortable shoes I own. Please help if you can. Thank you. Susan Robinson at

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