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How To Contact Electrolux Customer Service

Electrolux offers appliances such as vacuums, wall ovens, refrigerators, dishwashers, ranges, washers, and dryers.


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  1. I bought a Electrolux cordless vastuffe modelel1062 lasted about 2 months and the battery only lasts 10 minutes it is not replaceble

  2. I received an e mail showing that I had made final payment on 3 year warranty coverage dated 9/13/14. I called to ask for service on drop in oven on 11/14/15 and they said was an error in contract. Called back on 11/16 and was told that a payment was not received and coverage was cancelled. According to warranty contract if Electorolux cancelled they would return payments. They said it would take 3 to 5 days to check and the first person told me she could not call me back when it was checked out. Electrolux never notified me that contract was cancelled nor was a refund sent. Looks like poor records keeping on their end. This is not good PR if they want you to keep using Frigidaire products

  3. I am preparing to send the letter to corporate about the poor, actually absolutely lousy, customer service I have received regarding my Ergorapido stick vac. Customer serve. rep treated me (who has run several businesses successfully) like a complete idiot. Will NEVER purchase anything by this company? EVER.

  4. Terrible customer service,first representative told me dehumidifier would be replaced under warranty,she was to transfer my call to someone else next they were having technical difficulties call was dropped. Called again went through system again told me it would be replaced and she would stay with me till I reached proper department for replacement call again dropped .called back went whole system and was told I didn’t have a warranty read warranty from use and care to her said she had to talk to supervisor,suggested to let me speak to supervisor,she told me I really had no reason to speak to anyone and dropped my call again over an hour on phone with no results I guess two out of three doesn’t really count

  5. Stay away from Electrolux…. The WORST customer service in the world. They hide all of their phone numbers so you can’t reach management. The staff members don’t return calls, promise the world to get you off the phone and NEVER follow up. RUN…..

  6. Electrolux should have stuck to making vacuum cleaners instead of expanding to other products such as ranges. My Electrolux range for the lack of a better word SUCKS!!! I i I I had a service man over to fix a E-15 error which is a continual beeping sound emanating from the range. Now the same thing happen on Thursday, July 3 and will not be able to get it service for another four days. Four days without a range to bake with is unacceptable. I will never buy another product with Electrolux label on it.

  7. We have had our double wall oven, Electrolux brand for 3.5 years now. I gave it one star for looks; otherwise I hate this thing and regret ever buying it. On the bottom oven door, the inner glass shattered while making Christmas cookies; found out Electrolux corp won’t cover it cuz it’s over one year old. It’s gonna cost over 5 hundred dollars to get the whole door replaced. Our NSI extended warranty doesn’t cover this either, only the inner glass( cuz’ ” that’s the only one effected by the heat”) Bull !! Also the shelves in the ovens aren’t in the right areas for burn free baking. All in all this oven stinks to put it nicely. Don’t waste your money !!

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