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  1. Since Bosch has an excellent dishwasher, we paid top price for a top-of-the-line dishwasher and also bought an extended warranty from the dealer, Best Buy. Just before the first year ended, we had an issue which was promptly repaired. Then about 2 months later we had another issue with the door, and our extended warranty kicked in. The first person called me and said they do not have anyone to service in our area (Best Buy appliance manager told me today we are local) and that we could contract someone to fix it (with their permission, of course) and then we would be reimbursed. We have been told that some companies will come out, and then when we call them, they do not!! We finally dialed another number and someone finally came out last Saturday and told us the part would be delivered to home in about 3 days and that they would send a tracking number. Nothing!!! Husband called again and was told that the warranty company had one part and that they did not know when the part would be in!!! Called Best Buy today, and he said he had the warranty company update the file–that means only that Best Buy called (:. With all the issues we have had with this dishwasher, we would NEVER purchase another Bosch appliance or deal with Best Buy. Both the product and service are nothing but substandard!!!! And it is going on 3 business weeks that we have not had our dishwasher!!!!

  2. Bought a Bosch gas cooktop in the fall of 2015. By spring of 2016, the markings beneath the burner knobs were flaking off and pieces of the decals were scattered on the black cooktop surface. Contacted Bosch customer support, and after about 4 weeks, had no response. Called again and was told that the issue would be referred to management. Bosh customer support called back after three days and informed me that since the defect was “Cosmetic”, it was not covered under warranty. They did offer to sell me another piece at half price (about $50), but if I did not have it professionally installed (for about $150), my warranty would be voided. Alternatively, they would provide the replacement part for free if I paid for the installation , which amounts to $99 for the first 18 minutes, plus $12 for each 6 minutes thereafter. They offered no guarantee of how long the installation might take, and no upper limit on the charges. Neither of these options were acceptable, considering that our issue concerned a manufacturing or design defect on the cooktop. We asked to speak to a supervisor and were connected to a person whose attitude is best described as condescending. When we told him that we cleaned the cooktop with an off-the-shelf liquid spray cleaner, he stated that the problem was our fault for using “harsh chemicals”. I offered my opinion that a commercial off-the shelf kitchen appliance cleaner was not a “Harsh chemical”, and that a modern kitchen appliance should be designed to be cleaned with a commercial preparation formulated for that purpose. In short, he considered Bosch’s offer to be generous, whereas I am looking for free repair or replacement of a defective product. Not only was their offer unacceptable, but they would not even tell us what would happen if the same thing happened to the replacement part, if we accepted their offer.

    Based on this experience, I would definitely recommend that Bosch kitchen products be avoided. There are much better alternatives on the market.

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