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How To Contact Ethan Allen Customer Service

Ethan Allen is an American Institution in the furniture industry. They offer home decor, furniture, modern furniture, casual furniture.



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  1. I ordered a couch in December. I ordered the spring wrapped in down.. The couch was made in Mexico and it was not only not the expensive spring spring wrapped in down, it was It was not even as good as the cheapest standard sample they had on the floor. They had a technician come out to check my complaint Over a week ago and I can’t seem to move them on it. It is not what I ordered or paid for and I want them to pick it up. I will never do business with them again. They do not take that custom-made but this was not custom-made to my order.

  2. Imagine that! A a user’s head actually does rest on the headrest of a leather recliner! However, the poor quality of the leather dye has caused the color to FLAKE OFF of the headrest. There is no staining, no darkening,no oil. However, Ethan Allen has refused to accept any responsibility for this issue. There has been nothing done other than a denial of responsibility through the limited venue of email and a digital photo! Even after a local distributor visited and provided an opinion that the issue was unusual and did not appear to be due to wear. The chair is less than 10 months old! So very disappointed in the customer service experienced. I have not seen any reports in writing, any test results, or anyone from quality control investigating this in person. Is this how the company treats its customers? Despicable. Spend your money on what you expect to be a quality piece from a reputable(?) company, but don’t expect any service!

  3. I have a problem with my Ethan Allen sofa. The dye on the edge of one of the arms has worn off and it is almost white. Do you have touchup dye I could purchase? I have no papers on the sofa but it was purchased about four years ago and is a medium tan. In medium light, it looks dark tan. Your help will be greatly appreciated.

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