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011 61 3 8325 2701

How To Contact Foxtel Customer Service

Foxtel is an Australian pay television company that offers a wide range of entertainment options to its customers, including sports, movies, and TV shows. The company provides customer service through a variety of channels, including phone, email, and live chat. Foxtel’s customer service team is available to assist with any issues related to billing, technical support, and programming. They are known for being knowledgeable and helpful and are dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction.

In terms of competition, Foxtel faces competition from other pay television providers such as Austar and Optus as well as streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+ and Stan.

Foxtel Contact Information

  • Customer Sales Call: 1300 657 346
  • Sales New Customers: 1300 130 799
  • Business Customers: (02) 9813 6000
  • Overseas: +61 3 8325 2701
  • TTY: 133 677
  • Speak and Listen: 1300 555 727
  • Chat and Email: Contact US
  • Website: Foxtel

7 Responses

  1. Pathetic service. Talk to your customers, not have them wait and wait and wait to have to listen to some ad telling us how good Foxtel is… NOT!!!!!

    You obviously don’t read these comments as nothing improves….ever!!!!

    Get your act together and get some staff to answer the phones.

    Haven’t you heard of the option of having your staff call us the “Customer” back instead of us waiting and waiting and waiting!!!! You are supposed to be an innovate company. Where is it????

    You can drop the “Service” out of Customer Service!! There isn’t any.

    A 22 minute to get some technical help is just a joke. The second time in 3 days.

    Why do I stay with Foxtel???

    We are the “Customer” and the “Service” is non-existent.

    Am sick of talking to some recorded message telling me to keep waiting… Only 18 minutes now…..zzzzzzz

    10 Minutes now.. Things are looking up….zzzzzzz

    7 minute now….. WOW

    5 minutes to go…

    Its already been 22 minutes…. Well done Foxtel

    23 minutes

    24 minutes

    25 minutes

    27 minutes

    And 23 minutes later my problem is still not fixed.

    Why oh why would anyone want Foxtel???

  2. Frustrated at only getting receiving voice prompts and messages on a loop. Took 2 hours to answer my phone call. My time is important as well as theirs. Trying to get a human on line is virtually impossible. Some of Foxtels profits should be spent on a more personal approach and getting away from call centres. 1 number for all enquiries might be beneficial for the business as to profits but is frustrating for your clients.

  3. not happy for 3 days ive tried to connect foxtel play what a joke all ive got is exuses y they cant connect from there end and your loosing custumers any wonder

  4. I find it hard to find a Program in your Sport Section, I have a suggestion to print the channel Number

    next to the Program to make it easier to go direct to the Program.

  5. please please please, can we have something done about these american shows C.I. for example that persist in these programmes and ads that constantly flick fast and bright light pieces onto the screen. I have had to change channels because I simply cant watch them, and I’m surprised that people haven’t complained of these bringing on seizures. I thought there was a law about this! A lot of shows are simply unwatchable and I would like to know about a reduction of my package payment due to this.

  6. wehy cant i get someone to answer my call instead of all recordings i am being told to wait for a tech to answer and all i get is someone tellin me about trouble thgey are having interstat my call is important to and i need it fixed. but again what has happened to foxtelwith the repeats of programmes 2 and 4 times a night

    my remote control has packed up

  7. Foxtel, why is it sooooo easy for a tenant to have unauthorised foxtel connected to my house the owner! I have a cable running down the outside of my two story house and it looks awful. NOT HAPPY FOXTEL.

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