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How To Contact Hughesnet Customer Service Contact Phone Number for Support and Help

Hughes Net is high-speed satellite Internet service that is super-fast and always-on. Hughes Net allows rural customers to get high speed access regardless of location.



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  1. Hughes Net is a disgrace at attempting to give any customer service. Internet is sooo slow that DIAL UP is faster. One small thunder storm and service is out and even with trying to help remotely I wasted over a week in their attempts to remotely

    access and try and fix it. They say you have to pay another company for home tech support at $19.99 a month and they charge you same day. The home tech support could do nothing either. I called to cancel and they made me wait over a week so they could bill my credit card $ 400.00

  2. when i got hughes bet internet i was quoted 29 follars a month i even to auto pay but since they have auto pay they raised the rate to 61 dollars, hughes net is not that good they fast intrtnert is the slowest i have had niot happy at all this co is not recommended for antone john

  3. Web Acceleration Client Error (509.2) – Upstream TCP Receive Failure (Web Server) – THAT’s the low quality of service you get from That and when you call to ask for service the play 20 questions and then pass you on to the next person who does the same thing until you finally get mad at them. And then they hang up on you and force you to start the whole thing up again. If you really want good reliable service, look around and then around again. All I can ever get from these customer service people in Malaysia is we have to ask these questions first. Then they ignore and move you on to someone else and the whole thing starts a again. My modem went bad and while waiting on the replacement, I suffered a heart attack. When I got out of the hospital and got home, when I tried to log on, I kept getting screens from demanding the return of the old modem. The new one was sitting home in the box waiting for someone to install it. I finally had to pay the installer from another company, (Cox) to come out and install it. That cost me fifty bucks. Normally I would have done it but I could barely get out of bed at the time. Then on top of that I had to send the old one back. refused to even come get the old unit. I should have had a man I know who is a welder, warm it up for me just to watch it melt down. AND while this was going on, when it finally did come back up, every other screen is “did you send back the old unit yet?” Hey, refuses to even have UPS pick it up. You have to take it UPS to ship it back. Cost me money too. is the type of outfit that will gladly take your money but in terms of service, “You’ve got to kidding. They can’t even spell the word service.”

    Now out where we live is the only provider. hat’s a real shame because they know they’re the only ball game in town. I think it’s time to coke the chicken and ct off the service because it’s non-existent anyway. If I don’t then the stress will no doubt cause the next and fatal heart attack. is NOT worth your time or your dime.



  4. I am a heart patient. When I went through my third heart attack it was during the time they were gong to replace my modem. I finally get out of the hospital and start seeing all kinds of pop-ups. “If I don’t return the old modem, they will hit me for another $130 dollars on my account. I asked them who was going to install this piece of junk, since I was one step from dead and still have one foot already in the grave. refused to send a man out to install the new modem. I had to pay a friend of mine who is a mechanic to do it since I can barely walk at present. When I called them, I got a representative who kept asking me for my information over and over and refusing to answer a single question. His English was terrible. When asked to speak with someone else, he hung up on me. I called back six times and got the same treatment every time. These people do not give a damn about providing anything, let alone service. I cannot get on line without every other screen being, “did you send back our equipment yet?” or the every popular, That internet page is not available”, regardless if it’s the Mickey Mouse club, Yahoo or even

    In our area we have a choice of or nothing. After five years of being abused by these clowns, I’m opting for nothing. You should too.

  5. Ya’ll keep billing my mother and not me. The bill is in my name I just used her card once to set up the internet. Now ya’ll take it upon yourself to bill my mother. That’s low down and I can’t believe you’d do that to my mother. What if it was your mother

  6. this service is a joke i have to call at least three or four times a week and when i get through to some one i spend at least a 1/2 hour or more .i would not tell any one to use this crap!!!!

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