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  1. I phoned GENERAC twice for some guidance in choosing the right portable generator for my needs.

    Erin , with whom I first spoke, didn’t seem to be listening to me at all and offered no useful advice whatsoever She refused to go off script to actually answer real questions.

    Subsequent call with another agent was dropped prematurely. So I called HOME DEPOT. The customer service rep there knew more about the products than the manufacturers themselves ! I was given all the info I needed to make an educated choice and, likely ,I will buy this product despite such inept customer service on your part. Shame on you people, relying on someone else to do your work.

  2. I have a model 04456-1 12kW Generac generator and for the second time we have has a brown out in our area and both times my transfer switch coils (both) have melted. Is there something I can put in line to prevent this in the future? Like a fuse at some location?

    Otherwise I love the unit and it has worked great for a number of years.

    Gary in Lakeport California

  3. I have a 11kw generator that is less than a year old . It starts by itself. The installer said he thinks it is a mother board and he is waiting for generac to get with him. How long does it take to make a phone call or a fax ?

  4. don’t count on compony to stand behind their products all they say we will get back to you and never do. Kim should look for different line of work .generator I bought is a piece of junk.model qto80546nsna.

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