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How to Call and Contact Google Customer Service


Google Customer Service Phone Number for Support and Help

Google started as a simple easy to use search engine. Google’s simplicity made them the worldwide leader for internet search. Google has since grown with Video (Youtube), Email (Gmail), Blogging (Blogger), and Smart Phone Operating Systems (Android).

Fax: 1-650-253-0001
Phone Number: 1-800-419-0157

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  • xfinity keeps popping up as my internet provider and they are not! I can’t get it to stop even when I shut down my computer. More frustrating? i CAN’Tfind number at Google to get help!!!!! So much for google!

  • I get tons of emails from Market Traders Institute. I cannot get into the account anymore. You may have locked me out. [email protected] . I hardly ever used the account. You want me to use Chrome as a default and you want some email address. It is hard to remember Google as G-mail and Chrome. I have trouble with Windows 10. They would not let me on my computer without remembering a MSN password from 15 years ago. It is always nice to talk to a human . I am slow at typing and spelling. Here is an email address you can get to. Down below.

  • I am having the same problem. and can not sign in to my google email account. Can not get any response from Google. Stupid Stupid…..

  • how can I report illegal charging to my account.I cannot contact a live person and was on hold for 3 hours 10 min with the 4000 number listed. Help please. The police are going to have to be called if I can’t get any help from Google.

  • OPERATION “FADEAWAY” IS WORKING LIKE A CHarm! All written inquiries are met with the statement,”CLASSIFIED; WAR ON TERRORISM”, as a return, especially if there is no postage required!, or DO YOU POSSESS SECURITY CLEARANCES to gain access to my personal information! IF NOT, CEASE AND DECIST! THE ELECTRONIC BEAST IS STARVING, WITH NO CHANCE TO BEING FED!

  • To: person webmaster,

    Trying to locate a phone number for you is impossible. However I have to ask that a photo of my personal belongings in my garage has been taken by USA Map crunch and google,s instant street view. The view of my house is normal but not the contents inside of my home. Please contact me ASAP.

    Thank you


  • How do I get this stuff off my computer? I do not want google as my home page. I do not know how this happened I did not change my settings. I cant even closer out the web page without doing-controll -alt.–delete. I hate this enouf to delte all of google fron my computer!!!! I DID NOT CHANGE MY DEFAULT SETTINGS. HOW THE DEVIL DID THIS HAPPEN?


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