H2O Wireless Customer Service


How To Contact H2O Wireless Customer Service

H2O Wireless is a pre-paid mobile phone service provider. They offer plans on Android, iPhone and more.


Monday through Friday,

9AM-12AM EST and Saturday & Sunday, 9AM-11PM EST. 1-800-643-4926

H2O Wireless competition includes AT&T Wireless, Cricket, Boost Mobile, T-Mobile, Metro by T-Mobile, Assurance Wireless, and Asurion.


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  1. I have H2O prepay recently I don’t know ,there are a lot of incoming call from different numbers When I answer They all told me I just call them but I never did I have to shut my phone down yesterday because it too many strange incoming call and a lot of text Sorry to miss your call I don’t there phone and who they are Do anything wrong with the service?My phone doesn’t any out call number but the people keep calling in asking I gust call them Anyone have this experient

  2. I tried this number multiple times for an emergency situation and there was no answer during the 8-11p EST timeframe.

  3. The representatives who sold me the service can’t even turn the airtime on to my phone for some reason . I worked long enough to make 1 call and that’s it! Now they say I can only get back 1/2 of my money because they billed me for airtime!!! Airtime that they can’t seem to apply to my phone properly!!!!! What a rip-off.

  4. I am a prepaid customer, and my account has always been overcharged by H2O. I made a phone call which was 23 seconds this morning, and I was charged for two minutes for that. This happens every day.The customer service told me it was 1 minute and 14 seconds, and it was correct deduction and the representative acted like a jerk on the phone.

  5. I have never had so much trouble to talk to care representative or even pay my bill. I’ve been charged twice and stil have no service

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