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  1. I love your product and having been drinking your water for quite some time. But lately I have not been happy with the production of your 16oz bottles. The bottoms are so uneven and bumpy it’s almost impossible to stand them up straight. I have had several tip over, wasting the water and making a mess. I hope you will pass this along to your bottle producers, hopefully they will make a better, stable bottle.

  2. I need to know about the PH levels of the water i am getting from you. I taste the

    water acidic . I have been buying 5 gallon bottles from you for the past 3 years.

    Can you please respond and clarify my doubts.

  3. I purchase ice mountain water bottles all the time but the little junior one I normally buy were gone so I decide to go ahead and buy a pkg. of the tall sports bottle waters. My problem began when I tried to get the “cap” open on the top. I grasped the bottle to tear of the tab and the flimsy bottle collapsed inward causing the tab plastic to break putting a pretty good cut into my thumb. I suggest a softer plastic be used for the lids or a heavyplastic be used for the bottle itself as they are supper hard to open.


    Sincerely a loyal customer;


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