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How To Contact Identit-e Customer Service

Identit-E is a unique eligibility verification service managed by Identit-E, LLC. This service provides a complete online environment that enables the sale of discounted products to validated customers by ensuring compliance to defined verification standards.

Email Help Only


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  1. Do you carry the books, ” Adobe Photoshop cs6 Digital Classroom, by Jennifer Smith as well as Adobe Illustrator cs6 Digital Classroom by AGI Creative Team for student enrolled at North Valley Occupation Center. I have ordered these books through Amazon but they will not arrive till Sept. (too late) Need books now at a student or used price. Any recommendations

  2. I had this e-mail from you on 8/18.


    Please confirm your date of birth and I will reply with your serial number.

    Best Regards

    Sandra J.

    Bi-lingual Customers Service Representative

    Identit-E, LLC

    I sent my date of birth 3 day in a row, but no response.

  3. I am told that my redemption code,emailed to my student address is invalid. Send me instructions on how to redeem my Adobe Creative Suite 6 Design & Web Premium software; or send me a phone # to call. I paid a lot of money for this software. I would like to use it!

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